My Honest Opinion of Hale

I’ve gone to Hale for about 2 years now. Only during my second year did I start to become unhappy here. It’s not a problem with the school itself, It’s more of a problem with the district. I think Hale might have the potential of being a really great school if it wasn’t part of LAUSD. Most of the problems I have with Hale stem from Hale’s ridiculously large student body. There’s around 1,000 kids in a grade! It’s stressful for everyone here. I don’t know how teachers are expected to not just teach, but get through to their class when there’s more than 30 kids in their class. My PE teacher forgot I was in his class the other day!

It’s really difficult for students too. Socially, I feel it’s a lot more difficult to make friends with this many kids here. There’s probably over 450 kids in my grade I’ve never met or heard of. I see kids I’ve never seen before every day. It’s really hard to be successful here academically. In elementary school, there were about 22 kids in my class. I felt closer and more comfortable with my teachers. Now, I feel like some of my teachers barely know my name.  Honestly, I feel really bad for the teachers here. I see teachers get disrespected to an awful extent pretty much every day. I can’t be mad at my teachers for being mean. They deal with more than I ever could.

The overpopulation here also causes another problem. Rules aren’t enforced. It’s literally impossible for the staff to catch everything that goes on here. I quit social media because I was tired of watching kids vaping. Even when the issue gets reported, it gets ignored a lot of the time. When rules are enforced, it always seems to be minor issues, like dress code. My friend told me she reported a bullying issue and it got ignored by the dean, which I think is ridiculous. Kids walk around with their phone in their hand at lunch and no one says anything about it! I guess it could be considered a good thing, but it’s kind of frustrating.

Another problem I have with Hale is the lack of after-school activities. Sure there’s YS and Boys and Girls Club, but they really don’t do much there. I went to Boys and Girls Club in 6th grade and I pretty much only saw it as an opportunity to get my homework done. However, Boys and Girls Club is still a lot better than YS. YS isn’t an activity, it’s more of a waiting place. I’ve been to YS once and I don’t have the strongest grasp of what goes on there, but I’m pretty sure it’s nothing.

All in all, Hale isn’t a bad school by any means. The faculty seems to do the best they can, but it’s obviously extremely difficult. It’s pretty much impossible to be able to control every issue that goes on at a school with 3,000 students. At this point, the issues I have with Hale can’t be fixed.