How I Hurt My Arm

I recently tore a muscle in my arm that is connected to my joint.

I was in a Softball game and I was a catcher. The first time I through the ball back to the pitcher I felt my arm get a little tight. The second time I threw the ball back to the pitcher I felt a pop in my arm and that was basically it for my arm. I came back into the dugout where my coaches were and I told my coach what had happened. He said he could keep me out of the inning and just rest my arm. I did. The next inning it was my turn to bat. Everyone was telling me that batting would hurt my arm even more and not to do it. But I still did, and I was happy that I did go up and bat because I rocked a triple. But that did hurt my arm even more. I’m a lefty and I pull with my right arm. That was the arm I hurt.

The next inning I didn’t sit out, I went into the outfield and obviously I didn’t think that any balls would come out to me. But just my luck, almost all the balls came out to me and I had to throw them in. I was literally sobbing in the outfield because my arm hurt so much. When I got into the dugout the coach from the other team came and said “are you okay sweetie” I couldn’t say anything to him because I was crying too much. My mom mouthed to me “let’s go right now before it gets worse.

My dad rushed me to the Woodland Hills emergency room. Luckily it wasn’t that busy. I first had to go see the nurse and she sent me to the X-ray room to get X-rays. While I was getting my X-rays done the person who did my X-rays told me that he saw nothing wrong with my arm. He said that they actually looked really good. I’m not sure if your allowed to take any pictures in the room but my dad did take a picture of what my arm looked like. My Grandpa told me that when he was younger, before the doctors actually new that the radiation the X-ray machines give off are bad for your skin they would just look through the machine and tell you what was wrong.

Now my dad told me that the doors are made with lead. And the table that I put my hand on was also made from lead so the radiation doesn’t hurt my legs, even though I was wearing pants because I just came from a Softball game. Before I got my X-ray done I was a little scared. I don’t know why though. When I was younger I did get an X-ray on my stomach because I had a really big gas bubble sitting on my pelvis that really hurt.

I need to wait for it to heal. But if I wait now I will be ready to rock-n-roll in playoffs.