Another list of Nazis

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A year ago, I had work on a article that was abandoned when summer started. After a few months when school had started, I decided to just copy and paste several hundred words from my abandoned article to create smaller ones. I had posted several resurrected articles and this is last of the of several hundred words  from my defunct article.

Klaus Barbie, born on October 25, 1913. Was brought into a family where his parents were teachers. His father was abusive, alcoholic, and later died on 1933. Before being employed by Nazis, he was drafted into labor service. But in September 1935, Klaus joined the SD and was sent to arrest political refugees who fled to Holland. In 1942, Klaus become the head of the local gestapo in Lyon, France. It’s been agreed upon by historians that he was a sadist, as he tortured prisoners & killed around 4,000 people. Some of his crimes were actually awarded by Hitler. Earning the “first class iron cross with swords”. Sadly after the war, he was recruited by & worked for the the British until 1947.

Then he was employed by American Intelligence due to his supposedly “police skills” & anti communist pursuit. He escaped justice from the french & headed to Bolivia. When he was in Bolivia, his fake identity was a businessman. Fortunately, he was identified by Nazi hunters in 1971. So justice was starting to move in the right direction. As the Bolivian government decided to move him back to France. It made the U.S to apologize to France. In 1984, he was put on trial but many of the charges against him were dropped. In 1987, another trial was started. This time he didn’t turn out so lucky and was sentenced to life imprisonment due to his crimes against humanity. He died four years later.

Onto the next one, Otto Skorzeny. Born in June 12, 1908 and joined the Nazi party in 1930. After Austria was absorbed by Germany, he was appointed to be one of Hitler personal bodyguards. On February 1940, he become a artillery officer on the attack of France & Netherlands. He was later promoted to Lieutenant & was sent to Yugoslavia for the Balkan campaign. July 29, 1943 was the date when he had a meeting with Hitler. They discuss the idea of saving Mussolini from the allies and agreed to save Mussolini with a air force of commandos. He managed to save Mussolini, which means he got promoted to lieutenant colonel & was awarded a medal for it. He attempted to capture Tito in November 1943. But he instead successfully captured Miklos Horthy. The leader pf Hungary who called for his country to surrender to the Soviets. When D day happened, Skorzeny was assigned to wreak havoc at the allied lines with Germans dressed in American uniforms. But the operation failed and he was captured by the allies in May 15, 1945.

He was trialed for war crimes but was handed to German authorities. He escaped from being imprisoned in July 1948. His location to escape was Spain and managed to travel there. Over there, he has the protection from the Spanish leader Franco. Later in his life, he had become a adviser to Egypt. Which means he had a hand in helping the government in destroying Israel. Which in turn the Israelis recruited Skorzeny. So that they can get closer to him. So Skorzeny accepted the recruitment in exchange of being removed from a list of being hunted down by a Nazi hunter. The Nazi hunter wouldn’t accept that Skorzeny be removed from the list. So the government forged a paper that said that Skorzeny was removed from the list and he was fooled. When he was working for the government, he killed several people who worked for the Egyptians. He died in July 5th, 1975.

Onto the next one, Hermann Fegelein. Born on October 30th, 1906. He enter into the Nazi party by meeting one of the original members, Christian Weber. Weber let him in the party & become a SS member. Fegelein was a favorite of one of the leaders, Himmler. Which means he was put him as head of the Reiter SS, a mounted cavalry brigade. He was later promoted to a regiment that took part in the beginning of World war 2. He later took part in Operation Barbarossa. Fegelein unit was ordered by Himmler to kill people in Belarus. The unit killed around 17,288 people. 13,788 of them were Jews. Fegelein was awarded by being promoted to brigadier general. A assassination attempt was made to kill Hitler along with anyone around him in July . It failed. Fegelein was around Hitler when the bomb exploded. When the war was in its last stretches, Fegelein was about to run away with loads of money & documents discussing peace negotiations. Fegelein was caught and executed on April 28th 1945.

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