Fridays for Future Movement

What is Fridays for Future and what does it protest for?

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The Fridays for Future movement is becoming a large thing, with protests and rallies at schools all over the country attempting to put pressure on the government, many people are now joining the movement. If you don’t know what the movement is or what it’s supposed to do, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

Greta Thunberg, at the age 15, protested outside of the Swedish parliament for the climate because the government was not doing enough to try and prevent climate change. She won the Nobel peace prize later and went on to start the Fridays for Future movement. To put it simply, every Friday, kids participating will strike from school for a period of time to go protest climate change and how governments aren’t doing enough to stop it.

After protesting in front of the parliament and founding the Fridays for Future movement, Greta Thunberg is doing many things to help protest the government not doing enough to prevent climate change. From things like speaking in front of many people at TED talks to putting notes on electric cars thanking people for helping the environment, she is definitely doing a lot to help the climate change cause.

The movement is where every Friday, students participating will go on strike for a period of time to protest the climate change issue. This is to put pressure on the government and show that the new generations care about the climate, so the people in power now better do what they can to stop climate change or be voted out in ten or so years, when today’s kids are adults, or at least that is what many of the people protesting say.

The protest is to show that the government needs to do more about climate change so not only them but their children and generations after that can have a clean planet to live in. I think that the movement is a good idea to convince governments that children and adults around the world care about the climate. It will probably continue for a very long time, or until the governments of the world do more to stop climate change.

Their website talks about their goals, but also how the organization recommends that you strike in a way that you prefer most. They also recommend that you have a police approval for your strike, which sometimes leads to only “a quiet, sitting protest.” The website says that people should not be joining just to cause trouble, and instead, they want people to join to protest climate change in a safe way. This is probably a good idea because if kids get hurt during the protests, that would be the end of the movement.

While many people say that the movement is not a good idea and that kids should not be protesting the government during their school hours, I, just like many other people, think that the climate should be protected for future generations, not just the current one. While some say people should not be pressuring politicians while they have other things to deal with, but they still have to do something to help the environment. The pressure on politicians is resulting from them not making a big enough effort to help the environment, or making deals and supporting companies that straight up harm the atmosphere.

Climate change is the biggest threat to our future besides some apocalyptic event like an asteroid hitting, so it seems reasonable that many people are protesting how the governments of the world are not doing enough to slow down, if not stop, climate change. More people across the world should join strikes and protests for the climate such as Fridays and Future. Protests like this put pressure on politicians and show that the climate change issue is important to the younger generations.

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