9-1-1 Stories

First 9-1-1 Emergency


“9-1-1, what is your emergency?”

“Help,” she whispers.

“Ma’am, I can’t help you if I don’t know what your emergency is,” the 911 operator says.

“It’s trying to come in.”.

“Ma’am can you explain to me what is trying to come in?”

“It is,” she responds, terrified.

“Okay, help me here. What is you name?” the 911 operator asks.


“Okay Hailey, my name is Maddie.”

“Hi, Maddie,” Hailey says, almost crying.

“Hailey, how old are you?” Maddie asks.

“13,” Hailey says.

“Okay, are your parents home, sweetie?”

“No, I’m alone,” Hailey responds.

“How long have you been alone?”

“A couple hours. Maybe two or three.”

“Okay, when are your parents coming back?” Maddie asks.

“Tomorrow night,” Hailey says, whispering again.

“Honey, you can’t be alone right now. I will send people over to where you are right now. Can you tell me your address?” Maddie asks, ready to type.

“47 Rockledge Road, Saratoga Springs,” Hailey says.

“Okay I have some police officers coming to your house right now, but I need you to stay in this line with me. Okay?”

“Yes, Maddie. I’ll stay,” Hailey says.

“Where are you, sweetie?” Maddie asks.

“In my bedroom,” Hailey replies.

“Okay. Do not leave,” Maddie commands her.

“Okay. Maddie… It’s still pounding on the door,” Hailey says.

“Which door?” Maddie asked, concerned.

“My parents’ bedroom closet door.”

“Why is there someone in your parents bedroom closet?”

“Not someone. Something. Listen,” Hailey says. She becomes silent and points the speaker of her phone towards her bedroom door.

Maddie hears a far away pounding and hears the whimpering. But not whimpering made by a dog. Whimpering made by a monster.

“Hailey, do you have any neighbors you could go to right now?” Maddie asks, concerned.

“Yeah, my best friend lives next door.”

“Sweetie, I need you to quietly leave your house and go next door,” Maddie demands.

“But you told me not to leave my room.”

“I know, but you have to do this.”

“Okay, I’ll do it, but why?” Hailey asks.

Maddie sighs.

“Have you watched the news lately?” Maddie asks.

“No, why?”

“A monster had been found at a house just a couple miles from yours, but he was captured by two strangers,” Maddie explains.

“And you think that my parents were those strangers and they put the monster in my closet,” Hailey says, slowly.

“Yes, now get out of there!” Maddie yells.

“Okay,” Hailey says. She gets up and slowly opens her room. She slowly walks out, trying not to make any noise.

While Hailey continues walking to her front door, Maddie notifies a few officers to meet Hailey at the next door neighbor’s house and to warn them about the monster next door.

“They found the monster?!” an officer asks Maddie.

“Yeah and I need you to capture it and kill it,” Maddie demands.

“We’ll try our best,” the officer says.

“Maddie!!!!!” Hailey yells.

“Hailey. Hey. I’m here,” Maddie says, “What happened?!”

“It got out,” Hailey says, “And it found me.”

“Did it hurt you in any way?” Maddie asks.

“Yeah,” Hailey says.

“Where?!” Maddie asks, very concerned.

“On my leg,” Hailey replies.

“Oh my gosh! Hailey, I can smell it. How is that possible?” Maddie says.

“You can smell what?”

“The disease, the one that just spread to you since you got bitten by the monster,” Maddie says, plugging her nose.

“What does that mean? Am I going to die?” Hailey asks.

“I-I-I don’t know,” Maddie says, her voice breaking and her vision blurring from the tears forming in her eyes.

“Maddie, I don’t want to di-”

Maddie hangs up.


Second 9-1-1 Call

“9-1-1, what is your emergency?” Maddie asks.

“Help! It won’t stop!” someone yells into the phone.

“What won’t stop?” Maddie asks, truly concerned.

“The car! We’re about to crash!”

“Ma’am why won’t the car stop?”

“The accelerator broke or something!”

“What kind of car do you have?” Maddie asks.

“Why does that matter?! Help us!” the woman on the phone yells.

“Answer my damn question!” Maddie demands.

“Toyota,” she answers.

“That’s why, ma’am you need to stay calm. I need your location,” Maddie says.

“Castle Peak,” she says.

“Stay calm, I am sending help,” Maddie responds, typing away on the keyboard in front of her.

“Hurry, please.”

“They are trying their best, ma’am.”

“I don’t think we can control this car much longer,” the woman says.

“I know, I just need you to believe,” Maddie says.

“Arnold?! Arnold?! Arnold?!” the woman yells.

“Ma’am, who is Arnold?”

“My husband, he just passed out. And he’s the one driving!” the woman yells, almost crying.

“Ma’am can you take over the wheel?” Maddie asks.

“No, I can’t drive,” she says.

“I can take you throug-”

Maddie gets interrupted by a scream and a loud noise.

She’s gone, Maddie thinks.

The line gets disconnected. Maddie gets up, frantically and goes to the cafeteria for some coffee. It always helps when she’s stressed.