Things That Shouldn’t be Expensive

You know you are rich if you consider to buy any of the objects I am going to talk about. There are many things in the world being made, and all of these things are way out of my budget. Whoever, decides to buy any of these things is out of their minds. Even if I was rich, I would never spend a penny in any of these things. I don’t even think that any of these products are worth their price. They probably shouldn’t even exist.

Everyone knows what toilet paper is. We use it for our business in the bathroom. Usually you would go to the store, and get a pack of twelve rolls for about five dollars, which is a good deal. However, a single paper roll that costs 1.2 million is not a good deal. An Australian company named the Toilet Paper Man is selling the most expensive single roll of toilet paper ever. You might be thinking, no one is dumb enough to waist 1.2 million dollars on one roll of toilet paper. That is what I thought at first, but I guess we are wrong. Unfortunately, people actually buy this product. I forgot to mention that the toilet paper comes in 24 carat gold. If you decide to buy this it will be personally delivered to you at home with a bottle of Champagne. I don’t care how it’s delivered, or what it comes with. I wouldn’t want to buy a toilet roll for more than one million dollars.

Somewhere out in the world you can buy your own $1,188 socks. Usually, I don’t care about socks, but these socks are not your ordinary pair of socks. They are made of wool from the Vicuna, which is a relative of the llama. The Vicuna are known for their fine and soft wool. Another reason why these socks are expensive is because Vicuna fabric is really expensive and it can’t be used very often. Vicunas produce a very small amount of their fur every three years. Vicunas are also domesticated, meaning that they would have to be captured. Under all of these circumstances and obstacles, there are only ten pairs of these socks.

Hot dogs are very popular in New York City. They are so popular, they took hot dogs to the next level. This hot dog is twelve inches long with ingredients such as marbled wagyu beef, white truffle butter, saffron infused ketchup, and other stuff. If you would like to try this hot dog you would have to pay 2,300 dollars. It’s a lot of money, but it’s a very tasty hot dog. As you can tell, New York takes their hot dogs very seriously.

Another food item that is really expensive is popcorn. Berco’s popcorn costs 250 dollars for about a gallon. Their popcorn is caramelized, and it is covered in gold flakes. It’s very expensive, but according to many people that have tried it, it tastes amazing.

As you can see there are many things that are randomly made like gold toilet paper. I wouldn’t recommend any of these products. Clearly they are all over priced.