My favorite Fast food Restaurants

Fast food has a very big impact on us and the way we eat. Fast food has completely changed the world. I got inspired to write this because I am reading Chew On This in my English class and it is basically just a book explaining all the dangers of fast food and “everything you didn’t want to know about fast food. I know that it might sound weird how I got inspired to write about my favorite restaurants from a book that is pretty much telling me not to eat fast food, but whatever.

1.Taco Bell

I love Taco Bell it might not be the most high-quality food but it is really good and I love it, My go to order from Taco Bell is either two Doritos locos tacos, nacho fries, and a mountain dew freeze or its cheesy bean and rice burritos and the mountain dew freeze. I know some people think that Taco Bell is nasty and cheap but their wrong because Taco Bell is amazing and it will always be.

2. McDonald’s

Ok so before you actually kill me for liking McDonald’s just let me tell you what I order. Whenever I go to McDonald’s I order chicken sandwiches fries and. Caramel frappucino. I used to really enjoy cheeseburgers and hamburgers from McDonald’s and don’t get me wrong I will still eat one but I would much rather eat a chicken sandwich with fries. I also have found out that some people think McDonald’s fries are nasty which, I have no words other than McDonald’s fries are probably the best part about Mcdonalds.

3. Chick-fil-A

I love Chick-fil-A it’s sooo good, my usual order from Chick-fil-A is a spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries and lemonade. Also, the Chick-fil-A workers are so nice and welcoming but to be honest as long as the food tastes amazing that’s all that matters, and that’s the case with Chick-fil-A.

4. Chipotle

I love chipotle! It’s so good, it’s usually the only food I get when I go to the mall with my friends or family and we want to eat something at the food court I will always want chipotle no matter what. My usual order from chipotle is a chicken bowl with white rice, black beans, Sour cream, and cheese.

5. Dominos

To be honest, dominos is probably my favorite fast food pizza restaurant. Whenever I want pizza I always get dominos. Usually what ill get is barbecue chicken thin crust pizza with a regular cheese pizza.


I’m so grateful to have In-n-out where I live because without it I don’t know hat I would do. My absolute favorite place to get burgers is In-n-out and it will always be In-n-out. Whenever I go to In- n- out I get the same exact thing, a cheeseburger with fries and a vanilla milkshake. In-out also has really good secret menu items that aren’t so secret. Like animal fries which are soo good. They are regular fries but with cheese onions and I think spread on top.