Cheerio Flavors

Hello today I’m going to talk about different flavors of cheerios. I didn’t taste all of them so I found a lot of these flavors on this website:


  • Original: This one is my favorite, it might not taste like much, and it’s really basic, it’s still my favorite.
  • Honey nut cheerio: This one isn’t my biggest fan, because I don’t really like honey. I could eat them but I don’t really enjoy it.
  • Apple cinnamon: This one I’ve tasted but i don’t remember the taste, but I do remember I didn’t really like it.
  • Multigrain Cheerios: This one is pretty good. Its like a few flavors combined together they just taste like a bunch of different flavors combined together, it’s not that much of a pop of surprise for me.
  • Frosted cheerios: I haven’t tasted this one but the website said this about it,”You know those poor underrated (non-marshmallow) cereal pieces in Lucky Charms? Well, take those and coat them in an excellent robe of sugar, and you have Frosted Cheerios.” they don’t sound like they liked it as much, but i still want to taste this.
  • Fruity cheerios: This one is pretty good I mean there isn’t really nothing to like unless you don’t like sweet things. But they are sweet. My family doesn’t but them but I did taste it before.
  • Chocolate cheerios: I haven’t tasted this one but this is what the website said about it,”Let’s cut to the chase: The chocolate flavor in these screams health-food-chocolate. Put this next to Cocoa Puffs, Pebbles, or Krispies (you wouldn’t dare put these next to the Count) and it would taste like rabbit food.” so this one isn’t the best review but i still want to taste it for some reason.
  • Yogurt burst: I also haven’t tasted this one but here is what the website said about it,”Even if you’re not into yogurt-coated anything, you might be pleasantly surprised by this one. The Cheerios are lightly sweetened with a nice amount of yogurt-covered Cheerios mixed in. The strawberry flavor is very light and the “yogurt” coating has a smooth, pleasant sweetness.”i really want to taste this one but i think that there is a chance that i won’t like it.
  • Banana nut cheerio: Ok I don’t think i’m gonna like  this at all, but for those of you that like banana flavored cheerios then you will probably like this one.
  • Cinnamon burst cheerios: Ok there is a chance that I might not like it but here is what the website said,”This is one underrated cereal. Fantastic cinnamon flavor with that satisfying Cheerios crunch. It doesn’t try to get too crazy, stays true to the original goodness with a gentle hint of cinnamon.”

Those are a coupe of cheerio flavors that I wrote about. And if you don’t know about cheerios then try them they are really good. Also if you want to know about more flavors and what they taste like then just go to this website:

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