Peppa Pig Characters ft. My Brothers

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Peppa Pig Characters ft. My Brothers

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Hello everyone, I’m Kaitlyn Krakowski, and welcome to my TED Talk. Peppa Pig. *Snort*. We all know and love the TV show about a bunch of British furries running around, living their best lives in whatever part of England the show takes place in. I was a Peppa Pig stan as a kid, and my younger brothers are too, which is why I thought it’d be fun to get their opinions on the characters listed. There’s Jake, my eleven year old brother who is constantly running around and making weird sounds, and Jaxon, my six year old brother who’ll be seven next week and is actually quite relatable. Let us begin.

#1, Mr Potato

Mr Potato head is like the Kylie Jenner of Peppa Pig land. Whenever people see him, they freak out. Mr Potato head is clearly a fashion icon. That cowboy hat? Big yeehaw. His mustache? On fleek. He’s living his best life in Peppa Pig land. Mr Potato head also has a theme park based off him, which I think is really dope. I think it’s called Vegetable Land?? There’s a roller coaster, a vegetable merry-go-round; fun for the whole family. Here’s what my brothers have to say on Mr. Potato.

Jake: So, I think that Mr. convinces you to eat vegetables, right? And that’s good, but he also doesn’t realize that he is a vegetable. So he’s technically convincing kids to eat his family.

Jaxon: Mr Potato tries to make food and be healthy..he’s trying..I DON’T KNOW.

According to my brothers, Mr. Potato head is a scary cannibal man. Seems about right. Six potatoes out of ten.

#2, Madame Gazelle

This. Woman. Is. An. Icon. She teaches elementary school to Peppa and her friends, and also plays the guitar. Madame Gazelle uses her music to help teach her students, and I think that’s great. Good for you Madame Gazalle. Madame Gazelle knows what she’s doing with her life. Now let’s talk about that makeup. Her eyelashes..well, it looks like she stole some albino spider’s legs and glued them onto her eyes, but that’s fine. I’m not sure if she painted glue all around her eyes or if she’s actually some kind of ghost woman, but hey, at least her blush is great and her lip gloss is poppin’. Let’s get Jake & Jaxon’s opinions.

Jake: So, um, I think Madame Gazelle *said in Peppa Pig’s accent* is a good teacher, but..I’ve always wondered how old she is. Like, there’s videos where there’s a flashback to where she’s teaching all the kid’s parents, but like..the parents are in their like 30s now, so doesn’t that make her like..65 or in her 60s? Or in her 70s? She’s in her 70s and she’s trying to teach like, six year olds.

Jaxon: Um.. who on Earth is Madame Gazelle.

In conclusion, Madame Gazelle is an irrelevant ghost lady who’s really frickin old and can’t do makeup. Me on a good day. Five and a half James Charles’ out of ten.

#3, Daddy Pig

Look at him. Look at this queen. Daddy Pig is my absolute favorite Peppa Pig character. He’s your generic British father of two who likes reading the newspaper, eating chocolate cake, and working as an architect. What’s not to love? Also, Daddy Pig’s real name is Richard, which I found out while writing this article. I think Richard Pig is a pretty dope name. Now, here’s one reason why I find Daddy Pig utterly hilarious-HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY DAD. Anyone and everyone who has met or seen my dad will agree that Daddy Pig looks EXACTLY like him. They both have the beard, the glasses, the dad like personality-it’s all there. I can’t explain to you how funny this is to me. Here’s Jake and Jaxon’s opinions on Daddy Pig..and boy did they have a lot to say.

Jake: So Daddy pig..he is..he is overweight, and very blind, he can’t see a thing..he’s honestly pretty stupid (MY DAD IS NOT STUPID), really iconic.. well, I love him as a’s just once he put a whole in the I mean, honestly, he’s iconic.

Jax: He’s fat and old and Peppa Pig thinks he has a baby in his tummy.

There was so much shade thrown at Daddy Pig it’s unreal. Daddy Pig and my dad are both absolute g’s, and my mind cannot be changed. Ten chocolate cakes out of ten.

This was supposed to be a really crappy filler article, as the topic I wanted to write about will take more time than I originally anticipated, but it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable articles I’ve written this year. Expect another part to this hidden gem of an article. Well, that’s all folks. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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