My top 5 NBA teams

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My fifth favorite NBA team is the Philadelphia 76ers also known as The Process. The Philadelphia 76ers have only one 3 championships but they have a  really bright future ahead of them. There’s a reason this team is called the process it is because they have a bunch of young player that have a lot of potential. These young players are referred as “prodigies” these prodigies are anywhere from 21 years of age to the oldest 31. One of the reasons I love the Seventy Sixers is because they have Kevin Hart on their side. Kevin Hart goes to most of their games and trash talks the other team to help his home team.

My fourth favorite team is the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers used to have Kyrie Irving and Lebron James and this team played amazing. They made it all the way to the payoffs and faced the Golden State Warriors and came back form a 3 to 1 lead. This championship was the first big win the Cleveland Cavaliers have had in a while. This team recently lost their two best players Kyrie Irving and Lebron James. This team is now not doing well at all but they are looking for an up and coming big trade.

My third favorite NBA team is the Oklahoma City Thunder. This team has only one championship and has been through a lot. This team had one of the best rosters, at one point this roster included James Harden who got traded to the Houston Rockets, Chris Paul who as well went to the Rockets and Russell Westbrook who is still on the Thunder. One of the reasons I love this team is because of their energy. They recently got an amazing player named Paul George they are now a playoff contender.

My second favorite NBA team is the outstanding Houston Rockets. This team has won only two championship but they are playing amazing this year. They have James Harden who is known for his unique step back and they recently got Chris Paul who is an overall amazing player.  One of this teams best players James Harden made a very bold statement and declared himself on end of the greatest basketball players in the world. The Houston Rockets are 45 and 27 and they are third place in the Western Conference. This team isn’t all good thought they recently have been getting into quite a bit of arguments.

My favorite team is the NBA is the Los Angeles lakers. This team has been my favorite since I got into basketball. My dad got me a Kobe Bryant Jersey when i was really young and he always told me stories about Magic Johnson. Lakers have been my favorite and i loved and supported Kobe Bryant for almost my whole life and when he retired it was a very emotional time for me. Kobe Bryant went out with sixty points for his last game. This team has many legends and has the second most championship with a crazy number of 16. Lakers now have lebron James and are starting to improve.


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