My Schedule ;-;

This article will be a little boring but we are going to talk about my schedule yay! I personally kind of wish I had a better schedule because I don’t like to do certain things in the morning. Other than that I think I have an okay schedule.

I wake up go to school wander around for a bit until that first bell rings and it’s time to go to advisory at the D building. I have advisory with a teacher named Ms.El-awar she is a health teacher. I really like that advisory because I know a lot of people in it so yea it’s really fun. We eat in the class and later on leave to first period.

The first period I have is math the only subject I’m not as strong in. Math is one of the things I really struggle in but other times I can understand it pretty well. Math is fun, but it’s too hard to understand. I’m sorry but I can’t speak it. I have math in the H bungalows, which if you don’t know it’s all the way across to the opposite side of the D building. I walk to my locker first to get my math things then I go straight to math class. I stay in class do a lesson and on to the next period .

Second period can sometimes be fun because my health teacher is Ms.El-Awar and she always has some fun activity to do. She will teach us in fun ways but my period always loves to talk so, we spend about 5 minutes waiting for my class to quiet down. If we didn’t quiet down she will cancel our fun plan and make us go outside and line up. She is fresh out of college but she has had experience with teaching as a sub for other grades. Her class is really fun  but sometimes it gets tiring of all the notes we take. After this period is over it’s nutr time then on to 3rd period.

The next period is the period most people hate… PHYSICAL EDUCATION…yay! I will tell you this now this isn’t my favorite subject I’m just glad I get it over with fast. The first thing we have to do is get dressed then go outside and wait till the bell rings to go to roll call. I have Mr. Encinas. He is a really nice teacher. We normally run 1 warm up lap and then we do units but not on Tuesday’s.

History is what I have for fourth period.  This is one of my favorite subjects because it is so fun to do and I absolutely love. I love my teacher because she is really kind and she explains everything so well and her name is , Ms.Escalante. No not Ms.Vannessa but Ms.Lynda. History itself is a great subject but she makes it better.Then we go to lunch and on to the next period.

Don’t get me started on 5th period. For this period I have Mr.McCabe. I’ve got to say he is one of the chilliest teacher’s I have ever met. I absolutely love his class. At first I thought that this class might not be very interesting but once I got there I saw a lot I was interested in. The windows opened and I saw what I liked to do. We are not an ordinary class that’s what I’ll say.I never want to leave this class but the one right after it is also one of my favorite classes.

ENGLISH YAY!! For this I have Ms. Belenkia. I really enjoy this class because of the way she teaches the class. Sometimes she gets mad but that’s on the students because we should be the ones to behave. We normally do a 5-a-day.

I enjoy my schedule because I have all 3 of my favorite subjects at the end. Thanks for reading.