A list of Nazis

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One year ago, one of my peers in journalism had submitted a article that break the amount of words ever written in journalism. In other words, a record breaker. So when I heard the news, I decided to try to break the record and I pick the topic for my next article to be about Nazis. As they had a long history and is rather interesting. But when school had come to end, I didn’t touch it and had forgotten about it. But when I stumbled upon on the article, I decided to salvage it instead of continuing it. So here’s a list of some Nazis in history.

Joachim Von Ribbentrop, born on April 30 1893. Previously worked as a importer of wine in Canada. He returned to Germany for world war 1 and was awarded the iron cross. 14 years after the war, he joined the Nazi party.The party had a hand of influencing  Ribbentrop turning more anti Semitic. As he hadn’t express his views about it previously. He was later ranked to SS-Standartenführer in 1933. The rank is considered to be the highest field officer rank. When Ribbentrop become a diplomat., he was sent by Hitler to Britain to convince them to have a friendly relationship with Germany and it failed. However, he was promoted to foreign minister in 1938. He played a role in the Molotov Ribbentrop pact. Which was created to invade Poland and build a relationship with the Soviet Union.

He lost influence around 1941. When the war ended, he was trialed in the Nuremberg Trial. He was sentenced to death by hanging but committed suicide instead . Many Nazis disliked him. Joseph Goebbels, Reich minster of propaganda.  Said this about him, “Von Ribbentrop bought his name, he married his money, and he swindled his way into office”. However, he was Hitler’s favorite foreign policy adviser. Due to Ribbentrop seemly to listen and echoed what Hitler liked to hear. In other words, he was a yes man. Other than having a pact with the Soviet Union. He served as Hitler pet as he didn’t criticized nor question him.

On to the next Nazi, Ernst Kaltenbrunner. Born on October 4th, 1903. He previously worked the same job his father had, a lawyer. He later joined the Nazi party and the SS in 1932. Before the Nazis had total control of Germany, Ernst was jailed a couple of times due to the accusation of treason.He later got out of jail and later become the Austrian leader of the SS. Due to him have a helping hand in the Anschluss. The Anschluss was Germany taking over Austria. When the Anschluss was completed.Hitler promoted him to SS Brigadeführer. He kept getting promoted to ranks like SS Gruppenführer and the major general of the police.

On January 30, 1943, Ernst succeeds Reinhard Heydrich as Chief of the RSHA. When the war was coming to an end. Ernst power increased at a rapid rate. Due to having access to Hitler after his attempted assassination in 1944. When the war ended, Ernst was trialed at the Nuremberg. The position of having Chief of the RSHA ended up having him dead. As being Chief, he had knowledge of mass murders of civilians, executing Prisoners of war that were Racial and Political undesirables, persecution of Jews and Churches, and more. He was executed on October 16, 1946.

On to the next Nazi, Friedrich Jeckln. Born on February 2, 1895. He served as a Lieutenant for the entirety of World War 1. After the war ended, he work as engineer. He joined the Nazi party on October 1, 1929. He later applied to be in the SS in December 30 and was accepted. He kept getting promoted to ranks. Before World war 2 started, he was promoted to the SS and police leader of western Germany. During 1941, he served as Higher SS and Police leader.The purpose of the job was to mass execute. He served a major part in the Rumbula massacre. Where he develop a brutal system. Where he strip the clothes and items of victims then shoot them. Friedrich watched the massacre happen before his eyes. Most of the shooters thought it was cruel to shoot unarmed and naked people.  25,000 people were killed in the massacre. A survivor, Frida Michelson. Told her experience, A mountain of footwear was pressing down on me.

“A mountain of footwear was pressing down on me. My body was numb from cold and immobility. However, I was fully conscious now. The snow under me had melted from the heat of my body. … Quiet for a while. Then from the direction of the trench a child’s cry: ‘Mama! Mama! Mama!’. A few shots. Quiet. Killed.” Friedrich crimes didn’t go unchecked. As he was captured by Soviet troops and was put on trial by Soviet military court in Riga. He admitted his crimes and said, “I have to take full responsibility for what happened in the borders of Ostland, within SS, SD and the Gestapo.Thereby increases much my fault. My fate is in the hands of the High Court, and so I ask only to pay attention to mitigating circumstances. I will accept a sentence in full repentance and I will consider as worthy punishment.” He was found guilty and was hanged on February 3, 1946. His death was watched by 4,000 spectators.

On to the next Nazi, Odilo Globocnik.  He joined the NSDAP in 1931. Later become a SS member in 1934. He was later arrested several times due to treason. 11 months in jail was the total time. He later  had a hand in the Anschluss. Due to this, Hitler promoted him to Gauleiter. This position didn’t last long for him. Due to Herman Goering removed him from Gauleiter due to financial troubles.He was later promoted later  as SS and Police Leader in the Lublin district of the General Government. This was his second chance of proving how capable he is. Odilo was order to control several extermination camps by Himmler on October 13, 1941. He succeed.

All of Odilo camps managed to kill more than 1.5 million Jews. This was a part of Operation Reinhard, the plan to exterminate the Polish Jews. He later capture anything valuable from the Jews who died. When Italy split into two. The axis and the allies. Odilo was transferred to Istria to become the Higher SS and Police Leader of the Adriatic Coastal Region. While there, He had given mistreatment of  Italian Jews. With the allies advancing, Odilo went into hiding in the mountains. Unfortunately for him, the British found him. He committed suicide on May 31st, 1945. By committing suicide with cyanide.

On to the next Nazi, Gustav Wagner. Born on July 18th, 1911.He joined the Nazi party in 1931. But was later arrested. So he went to Germany to become part of the SA and the SS. Wagner was a part of Akiton 4. A mass murder plan with using euthanasia. His role was to pick which prisoner was to be a slave or for them to be sent to the gas chambers. He beat up prisoners daily and sometimes kill Jews on the spot. When some Jews escaped the camp. Minefields were placed around the camp so another one couldn’t escape. But this instead created a revolt. Which happen when Wagner was not present at the camp. After the revolt, he closed the camp.

Wagner was later transferred to Italy. After the war, he was trialed and sentenced to death while he wasn’t present at court. But he unfortunately escaped to Brazil. He later become a permanent resident on April 12, 1950 and changed his numbers. He was lured out by police Requests were made that Wagner should be send back to west Germany, Austria, Poland, or Israel. All were rejected by Brazil. On October 3 1980, Wagner committed suicide.

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