Game Pigeon Games: Ranked

Alright, so today, we’re gonna be talking about the phenomenon known as “Game Pigeon.” If you either live under a rock or don’t have an iPhone (even though those two things are pretty synonymous), Game Pigeon is this app in which you could play two-player games over text. If you’re a hip and relevant edgy teen such as myself, you’ve probably seen people begging for someone to play against on their SnapChat stories. Even I’m guilty of doing such.

As a certified Game Pigeon stan, I figured for this week’s article I would rank my favorite Game Pigeon games. I’m only doing my top 5, mainly because there’s like 20 different games, and honestly, I haven’t played all of them, and 10 would make for a pretty long article.

#5. Dots and Boxes

Okay, so at #5, we got Dots and Boxes. The objective of this game is simple- you have a 4×4 grid of dots and you draw lines between the dots. The player with the most boxes at the end of the game wins. An honest-to-God time. I don’t play this one too often, mainly because I’m not too good at it, but it’s a relatively quick and painless game. The only drawback is that once you figure out the most effective strategy, every game gets pretty repetitive.

#4. Mini-Golf

In Game Pigeon mini-golf, you have to navigate a ball through three different courses that increase in difficulty. Similar to regular golf, the player with the least amount of “strokes” wins. What I like about mini-golf is that it’s extremely straightforward and not very time consuming. The layout for the courses also change every game. The only reason it’s not ranked higher is purely because I just enjoy the other two games a slight bit more. No shade to mini-golf, though. You’re a real one, sis.

#3. 8-Ball

Ahhh, the notorious 8-ball. This is probably one of the most popular Game Pigeon games. Just like traditional 8-ball, you are assigned either stripped or solid colored balls. You aim and pull back on that stupid pole thing and try to land them in one of the four holes located in the corners of the “table.” Did I really need to explain that to you? Probably not. Oh well. The major disadvantage of this game is how long it takes. Sure, it’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but I only really play it if I have the time to sit down and focus.

#2. Cup Pong

Mhm. You saw this one coming. Similar to 8-ball, cup pong is probably the most popular Game Pigeon game. In this one, you aim a digital ping pong ball and try to make it into one of ten plastic cup things. When you get two in a row, you get a second turn. First to get the ball into all the cups wins. Now, objectively, this game should probably #1. Unfortunately, this is not an objective list. Mainly because I suck at cup pong. All my friends play this stupid game competitively for the title of “Cup Pong God,” but I never seem to be in the running. Nonetheless, it’s an enjoyable game. I just can’t play for the life of me.

#1. Basketball

Surprising, huh? I warned you, this is a subjective list. Basketball is basically cup pong, except you have 45 seconds to aim and land a basketball into a stationary hoop. There are two rounds, and the person with the most baskets at the end wins. Let me just say, I am a G O D at this game. There has yet to be someone to beat me more than twice in this game. That’s literally my only reasoning for why basketball’s #1. If I lose in one of the other 4 games, my natural response is to send basketball and humble my opponent.