The Secret to Carmex

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Carmex. We all know Carmex right? The “Classic Lip Balm” that everyone uses. Well not EVERYONE uses it. I noticed that since the entertainer, Emma Chamberlain, started using Carmex, every teenage girl started using it. I, myself, have used it a bunch of times. There are some good and bad things about Carmex,

Good things:

  • It heals your lips quickly
  • it’s kind of minty
  • when you apply it, it looks “cool”
  • has a lot of flavors to choose from

Bad things:

  • It dries fast
  • you run out of it quickly
  • it doesn’t have sunscreen
  • it has many irritating ingredients that make your skin drier
  • People say that it feels soggy to them

Anyways, I found out the SECRET to Carmex and all its success. Are you ready for it???

Since when you apply the Carmex Lip Balm, it dries quickly. Since it dries quickly, you need to apply more. The more you apply, the faster you run out. The faster you run out, the more you need to buy. When you buy more, Carmex gains more money and you run out of money. *head explosion* You didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Even though there’s good and bad things about Carmex, it still heals and it makes your lips not suffer. I checked how much the average Carmex lip balm is and it is $1.69. It’s not that much money. But imagine buying that every two weeks. That could add up to a lot of money.

Breaking news! There is an article that says that Carmex is made out of small pieces of glass that make your lips not moisturized. There’s a BUNCH of articles that have good and bad things about Carmex. But nowadays, there’s so many fake articles that I don’t know what to believe. Another article says that Carmex does dry lips and that creates a never ending cycle of Carmex usage.

This information continues to my thought about the secret of Carmex. I’m not sure if any of the articles that I read were true but if they are, I do not know what to think. There are so many different perspectives and so many different studies that have evidence saying one thing about Carmex while another one says another thing about Carmex.

Anyways, I think that we shouldn’t worry about small things like if Carmex has small pieces of glass in it. Although that is kind of an issue, I think we should focus more on the more important things in life. Like if there’s war in the world or something. I’m not sure if there’s a war going on right now. But, like in a lot of countries, there’s poverty or child labor even though there’s laws against that.

I mean, if you think about it, war, poverty, and child labor is much more important than the opinions of people on chap-stick brands and what’s in them. I think we should all worry more about the more important things in life. Maybe try to stop some diseases. Do some charity work. I’m not sure but we should try better to help the well beings of people.

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