Brawl Stars Strategy part 5: Dynamike and Bo

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These next two brawlers are very frustrating to play against because of their A.O.E. They can do a lot of damage even while playing passively. They can even hit multiple targets at once. Even though they are similar in these ways they are also very different. They both excel in different types of maps. Dynamike  mains (people who mainly play a brawler) love maps with walls because they can hide easily while doing damage. Bo loves open maps because of his mid-range, high D.P.S. and low health.

Dynamike is a very frustrating brawler. He does about 1000 damage per dynamite (he throws two at a time). He throws them over walls (or anywhere). The most frustrating sight must be when you see about 8 Dynamike’s teaming in showdown. To team, you spin in a circle and help each other survive till the end when you fight each other. When Dynamikes are teaming you are more or less dead. Dynamike has 3360 health making him a squishy brawler (easily kill-able because of his/her low health). His super  is like a bundle of dynamites that over double the damage of his normal dynamites. When hit by his super you get launched back because of the explosion. His star power allows you to blow up yourself. I know it sounds bad but, it gives you extreme mobility. Like how you get knocked back by explosions, he uses his dynamite’s to propel himself over walls and rivers. This gives you the ability to retreat behind a wall safely. So you can pester them again from behind another wall. He also has this cute skin called spicy mike or as most people call him: chef mike. He throws chili peppers that explode and his super throws a cauldron of explosive food.

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He also had this limited edition skin called SantaMike. It was released during Christmas of 2018. He throws exploding candy canes and has a Santa hat. His super throws a “bag of goodies.”

Bo has probably received the least amount of attention out of all of the other brawlers. He has no voice acting or skin. Bo is a human with an eagle mask. The easiest way to describe him is a native of  an eagle tribe per say. He shoots a bow and arrow (where his name came from) that have explosives attached to the tips. He shoots a set of five arrows that go from left to right. Each arrow does 575 damage and the explosion can damage multiple targets. He has 4140 health making him a moderately healthy brawler. His super is so frustrating because if you get hit by them you are more or less dead. It plants three hidden, underground mines that do 1656 damage. After you hit the mine it appears on the ground and starts blinking. You have one second to get out of the blast radius before it explodes. If you get hit by one of them it will most likely knock you into the next one and the next. The Bo can then come in and do the finishing hits. They probably won’t survive unless they are a tank. His star power gives him the ability to see inside bushes around him so that he is very hard to sneak up on.

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