Is Daylight Savings Time a Good Idea?

Should we really set our clocks back in the fall?

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Last week, we started Daylight Savings time by moving the clocks forward one hour. This means it is very dark in the morning but we have extra time in the evenings. In the fall we will set our clocks back an hour for fall back, which makes the days seem shorter when they are not.

Fall back is, in my opinion, not a good idea. Lots of people can benefit from the extra hour and do not want a shorter day time. Students need more time to finish homework or study for their tests. Sports players need more time to train for the season. Even tourists can do and see more things with a day that seems longer. So why do we do it? Why do we set our clocks back to make it seem like the days are one hour shorter when people can benefit from and get more done when the clocks are set forward.

On March 31, 1918, the United States of America fully formed a daylight savings plan to “provide standard time for the United States”, according to This was around the time of the first world war. The whole fall back system might have made sense back then, but it seems like a waste of daylight now. Note that this is just the U.S., and most other industrialized nations don’t do this.

In the rest of the world, there is no fall back, so people of all sorts of occupations could make use of that one seemingly “extra hour”. In America, we have fall back, so during the winter and fall, we have what seems to be one less hour, which is not so handy. This is one of those things the U.S. does that no industrialized country but the UK does, like using Fahrenheit or not using the metric system.

There is the talk of getting rid of fall back for America. It is not a good system for many people, myself included, and I can see why people want to get rid of it. One, less time for work, study, or other activities. Two, It’s annoying to have to wake up at a different time. This argument might also be useful for getting rid of spring forward, but fall back is a much better thing to get rid of, because if we remove spring forward, we are stuck with short winter days for the whole year, and most of us do not want that.

If we make spring forward permanent, which means we get rid of fall back and don’t set our clocks back in the fall, then we have all the advantages of daylight savings with none of the disadvantages. Our bodies don’t have to adjust to waking up at different times, we get long summer days, and even the winter days are longer.

In my opinion, if we switched to Greenwich Mean Time full year, we will have all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of Daylight Savings time. Hopefully, America makes spring forward permanent so we can enjoy the extra hour all year long.

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