Donut flavors

Hello today I’m going to talk about different donuts flavors. I found many of these flavors on this website:

  • Strawberry donuts: People said that this donuts is way too sweet and takes the taste out of classic donuts
  • Long John: this is my favorite flavor, it is very good, its sweet but simple.
  • Blueberry donuts: I would probably not like this one, but the comments said that it was their favorite, and there is a explosion of sweetness.
  • Glazed donuts: This one is so good, just a simple donuts with a glaze cover to it, it’s really good.
  • Chocolate glazed donuts: I haven’t tasted this one sounds good, the comments said it basically tastes like glaze donuts but chocolate.
  • Sour cream donuts: I didn’t taste it but the comments said, “This was unexpected. In fact, it had us reconsidering our life choices because we clearly hadn’t been eating enough sour cream donuts. Cake-y, perfectly frosted and with a unique texture, consider us converts.
  • Cinnamon sugar donuts: I didn’t taste this but the website said that the cinnamon was way over powered, but not in a good way.
  • Jelly donuts: This one is good, it’s a closed donut with a jelly filling inside, all in all it’s just Delicious, and if you haven’t tasted it yet you should.
  • Apple crumb donut: I haven’t tasted this one but the website said this,”definitely nailed the apple flavor in this, though it’s more “gas station apple pie” than homemade. Plus, the “crumb” topping is a little weird, which is not the adjective we feel they were going for.” It sounds good but i don’t think I’ll like it.
  • Vanilla frosted donut: The website said that it’s not special, it is colorful but it’s pretty good.
  • boston kreme pie donut: I don’t know how to explain this one but here is what the website said,”There was one vocal hater of this donut, but most of us thought this was the best of the filled-donut category. It definitely gives you the chocolate-custardy flavor of the classic Beantown dessert.”
  • Coconut donut: I won’t like this one, there is a chance, but there is a bigger chance that I won’t because I don’t like coconut. but i’m sure that a lot of people would enjoy it.
  • Chocolate frosted donut: This one is really good, it’s just a donut with chocolate frosting on in with sprinkles, or you can take it without it, but it is good.
  • Old fashioned donut: I haven’t tasted this one but this is what the website said, ”This donut is begging for a dunk, but despite any built-in dryness, it’s still pretty damn tasty. It reminds us of visits to the donut shop when we were kids, and the warm memories are probably affecting the taste.”

So those are some donuts, also one or two of these donuts i put in but not from the website. And if you want to see more then just go to this website:

 I really want donuts now.

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