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As many know, most people have things that personally rub them the wrong way, also known as pet peeves. Since these things can be so annoying at times, writing an article about these things is a great way to vent. Some of these things may be little things others may be huge issues. Some may be physical and/or material things while others may be issues with a personality trait or annoying habit.

The first thing that really gets on my nerve is a person with bad smell. This is especially annoying in those who do not know about how they smell or do know but deny it. I’ve personally always noticed things like people’s smells and if an individual’s is particularly bad it’ll be a problem. Like it isn’t that hard to either take  a shower, put on deodorant, or both. I noticed this problem most in seventh grade with smelly teenage boys. People were starting to get more of a “distinct scent” but finally around the middle of eighth grade people started to care more and I’ve noticed the general air quality improving.

Another thing I hate that people do is raise their hands excessively in class for unnecessary things and often even mess things up. They ask ridiculous and unnecessary questions and their fellow peers begin to form a deep-seeded resentment towards these people. Often times, even the teachers begin to get sick of these kids and lose tolerance for them. They just ignore when these bums have a question, and don’t even get me started on when they have an answer. Nine times out of ten they get the question wrong and I sit back in amusement as half the class roll their eyes at the same old clown. These people have so much to say, but nothing they say matters.

Now the next thing on this list comes in two different forms, and each show a common trend in male and female. These people are the egotistical and scummy guys, and the snobby and entitled girls. Though both if these traits can be found in both genders, they more commonly appear in their respected side. First I need to talk about some of the massive male egos I have encountered in my days. Some of the guys I talk to are so in love with themselves it isn’t even funny. They think they’re the smartest, funniest, and most charming guy on the block when usually they’re not. Everyone except them knows they aren’t that great.

On the other hand, some girls can be so entitled and it seems they think the world revolves around them and their priorities. They think they are so pretty and want everything to go their way. Like their male counterparts, nine times out of ten they just aren’t that special. Do note that these two are interchangeable and the more I think about it the more I realize I described the same thing twice with different adjectives.

Those are some of the more major and personality based traits that get on my nerve maybe next time tune in for a more broad version where I go over what they call “Pet Peeves.”

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