Reviews: On My Block, Stranger Things, Glee

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This article is just going to be me reviewing shows and movies that I have seen and basically saying if they’re good or not.

1.On My Block

On my block is a Netflix original and I know everybody feels differently about Netflix originals but I feel like its either amazing or it’s horrible, and on my block is amazing it’s basically about this group of friends that are going to high school and they have problems along the way that are not the easiest to solve but they get through them. They are also growing up in this not so safe neighborhood with gangs and lots of crime. Even though they live in this neighborhood they are still trying to do good in school and keep each other happy. One of the main characters is put in the gang because of his family and his friends were trying to help him get out of the gang. This show is also hilarious like every episode I watch I find myself dying of laughter. All on my block fans have been waiting for season 2 since we were left on a cliff hanger which I will not say what it is just in case you are planning to watch the show. Finally, the season two trailer has been released and On My Block writers have announced that season two will drop on March 29 to start watching!!

2. Stranger Things

I really don’t know if people are sick of hearing everyone talk about strange things but I honestly don’t care. Stranger Things is such a good show. I love the suspense of it it really makes it a lot more interesting to watch with all the suspenseful music. I also really love the characters and their relationships with each other. Like Mike and Eleven, Speaking of eleven I love her character development. It’s one of the best things on the show! I also love how she’s so strong and supportive of her friends considering everything she has been through. The first time I watched stranger things was with my sister in Texas and once we saw the first episode we couldn’t stop watching it, it was soo addictive. We watched all the episodes in one night. Season three has taken forever and I know that we are all ready for it. Im so excited that it’s dropping on July fifth. Especially since I will be visiting my sister in Texas and we will be able to watch it together.

3. Glee

I recently started watching Glee and I’m so glad I did its a great show. There is a lot of singing, which is why I like it. Along with the singing, There are the cutest relationships that are literally to die for. The first time you watch Glee you will fall in love with all the characters. I also really love how glee talks about real word problems and not just silly problems that happen in tv shows. For example, being different and learning how to express yourself without caring what anyone thinks.

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