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In the beginning of human history, us humans did not brush their teeth. I’m pretty sure that they did not even know about the existence of their own teeth. They probably had like flecks of meat and other things that they eat daily. That’s how you can get cavities. Good hygiene is important, so later on in human history some smart people had the brilliant idea to make a device that cleans their teeth. That magnificent device that was devised was the toothbrush. It was an amazing device that helped increase good dental hygiene for the old humans. The toothbrush, paired with the amazing paste substance, toothpaste, helps with keeping with good dental hygiene and stopping with the invasion of the bacteria.

The Brush of all Brushes

Looking at this toothbrush, if you can call it that, is like looking at the items in an alien spaceship. Just by looking at this image of the toothbrush, gives me many questions. How does it work? How well does it clean your teeth? And finally, which brilliant person made this masterpiece. I can’t answer any of these questions since I am just as confused as the average person who would happen to stumble upon this. From the image, it looks like it would blast water or air or something else into your teeth to clean them. The toothpaste would also have to go somewhere on the toothbrush, but I do not know where. This toothbrush can also be used in parties to show off to your friends. When they start to say that you’re not cool nor do you own cool things, you can go to your bathroom and pull out this bad boy. Your friends will be so surprised when you show them your new modern technology that they may or may not have.

That One Toothbrush

This toothbrush is the odd one out. In your classes or work, there is always that one person that always stands out. They always do the weirdest things that no one understands but never stops because they are too scared to approach him/her. Well, this toothbrush is that toothbrush,. It looks weird and probably will feel weird when you put it in your mouth. This might be due to some design that would make the toothbrush “effective” or “work better than other toothbrushes.” This toothbrush could also be due to a TV scheme, where they design the brush to look different but has the same functions and doesn’t function any differently than a normal toothbrush. It was probably done as a TV stunt to fool people into buying it since it has a different design compared to the standard brush and it also looks nothing like other toothbrushes people see on the daily. Due to the fact that this brush might have been made for a TV stunt, it might not even work as well as normal, standard toothbrushes. This brush might be as good or even worse than normal toothbrushes. Also, judging by the image, it looks like it would be hard to brush in between your individual teeth since there are no bristles that can go to those small spaces.

These toothbrushes are just extreme variations of the normal, standard toothbrush. However, it is perfectly okay for you to own a perfectly normal, run-of-the-mill toothbrush you bought at your convenient store. But for some people, it is their obligation to buy the newest and coolest things to add to their collections, maybe it for boosting self-esteem or it’s for their hobby or their lifestyle.

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