Hawaii Five-0

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I have been watching a show called Hawaii Five-0, but I’m only on season six out of the nine seasons there are but it has become my favorite show of all time. Hawaii Five-0 is filmed  in O’aho, Hawaii and it is the new version of the original Hawaii Five-0 created by CBS. Commander Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin) creates an elite task force called Five-0, his partner is detective Daniel “Danno” Williams (played by Scott Caan). Two more on the team are Kono Kalākaua (played by Grace Park) and Chin Ho Kelly (played by Daniel Dae Kim) who end up leaving later on in the show. Lou Grover (played by Chi McBride) is also part of this team although he joined this team after being on the S.W.A.T. team for a long time. The medical examiner is Dr. Max Bergman (played by Masi Oka) and sometimes he will get help from Dr. Mindy Shaw (played by Amanda Setton).

Steve McGarrett 

A former United States Navy officer and the leader of the special task force. Steve McGarrett is one of my favorite characters on this show because he is the “dare devil” of this show.

Daniel “Danno” Williams

Danno is a detective and he met Steve while on a case that they both started working on. Danno is also one of my favorite characters because he is very paranoid and from the very beginning of the show Danno and Steve nonstop argue. Danno gets his nickname from his daughter Grace Williams (played by Teilor Grubbs) because she could not pronounce Daniel.

Kono Kalākaua 

Kono is a police officer and the only woman (so far) on the Five-0 task force. Kono’s cousin happens to be another member of the Five-0 task force, Chin. Kono is an amazing character and I am very disappointed that she will be leaving soon.

Chin Ho Kelly

Chin is also a police officer like his cousin, Kono. Chin was one of my favorite characters but, now he is one of my least favorite characters because someone was holding both Kono and Chin’s wife, that he had divorced then remarried her, hostage and said that he only had time to save one of them ad that the other one would die and he chose his wife over his cousin. I think he made the worst decision ever and that is why he is one of my least favorite characters.

Lou Grover

Lou started out as being on the S.W.A.T. team but then got fired because he took orders from a guy, who should be in prison, to save his daughter which he was holding hostage. Then Steve, the captain of the Five-0 task force, asked Lou if he wanted to join the Five-0 task force.

Hawaii Five-0 is my favorite show, but it is hard for me to explain why because I can not find the correct words to describe how great it is. I know some people who do not enjoy Hawaii Five-0, but I think it is a very good show. I love Hawaii Five-0 but, I know it will take me a while to catch up to the episodes that are currently coming out on TV.

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