A Day as a Samurai

It was a normal day in Japan when I heard that my friend named Charlie had just became a Samurai. He was a fast learner so he moved up quickly. I felt like his life was a lot easier than  mine. He said that he wished he had my life, but I had to disagree. We had a long conversation over the telephone and we decided to meet up that same day. Charlie and I went to the park and we had a small picnic near the lake. We both talked about the struggles we had in our lives but each of us thought the others was a lot easier. At night we both went home and I couldn’t help but to think of how his life was way easier than mine. As I was thinking of this so was Charlie. We went to sleep but once we woke up both our lives changed for sure.

I woke up the next day by an unfamiliar man screaming at my face too early in the morning that’s for sure. He said “GET UP, GET UP or else you have to seppuku against your horrible behavior” I felt like I have heard that word but only when I was talking to Charlie. “This can’t be, this can’t be oh no, oh no, oh no” I thought to myself. I figured it out… “I’M IN CHARLIE’S BODY” I yelled. The same man that woke me up came back and questioned “why aren’t you dressed for training?” I politely said that I’d be out in a bit and he rushed me out anyways. We ran to a room with a lot of open space and he said “go get a sword we shall then begin training” I responded and asked “where exactly are the swords, I hit my head pretty hard yesterday” The man looked pretty annoyed at me but pointed to a door at the left corner. I ran to grab one and we shall begin to train. The man explained how these swords are considered the finest swords in history. While he explained all this we were also training. He told me that theses swords are both sharp and durable. I told him the only thing that I knew about the swords because I remember some things I studied. I  then later said ” isn’t it made by a soft metal core and then they layer it by millions of layers of metal to a deadly sharpness?” He said that that was true and he won while I said that statement. He also said it was sharp enough to cut the enemies head. As soon as training was over they allowed us to take a small break for only two minutes
It was time to move on to other trainings. I was really tired after that sword fight but I got to admit it was quite the workout. I quickly sprinted behind the man ass he rushed to the next station. He threw me a bow and he handed me an arrow. he said there’s your target as he pointed to hay filled armor. I squinted  my eyes to notice that. I shot one and missed. He said not bad but go get on Spirit and give it another try. He pointed to a horse and I said “oh right, Spirit my best pal.” He said that this is the way the first samurai trained and was called “The Way of the Horse and the Bow.” I suddenly became more interested and listened. The bow was getting heavier as he talked because it was eight feet long. He said it took great strength to use this bow and control the horse at the same time. He then allowed me to attempt to throw it. I failed to hit the target but I kept on trying and soon I hit my target. I was really proud of myself since after all it is my first day as a samurai. We practiced for hours. Once practice was over it was time to meditate. We had a large group to meditate with and it was actually pretty peaceful. After our meditation  we had a tea ceremony. Samurai’s were expected to develop in other skills other than fighting. The man asked me to pass him the tea and I passed it to him slowly. The tea luckily didn’t spill. Suddenly the master came running and screaming saying ” HURRY HURRY, WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!” we all quickly ran to the front of the castle and looked out to see a whole clan charging at us and we all pulled out our swords and bow and arrows. We all started attacking but they hit most of my clan. They left me out to fight but I failed them.  I felt like a disappointment to all even Charlie. The man who trained me sent me to the death bed and handed me a word to Seppuku myself. I felt like if I died what would happen to Charlie’s soul? Would it stay in my body? Would it die? I had no idea what was going to happen. Seppuku is the samurai tradition of killing oneself to avoid capture, show loyalty to the daimyo or shogun, or to serve punishment or unworthy behavior. I myself would have to do that for my horrible behavior. I decided to not write a poem since after all this was not my body. I quickly  got the sword and I could see his life flash before my eyes. I woke up in a strange place but I knew it wasn’t on earth. I woke up in a white box. I saw my body but I wasn’t in control. I could see everything but something or someone else was in control. I slowly started to remember that Charlie’s spirit was in control. My spirit was out of control thinking of what Charlie was going to get back to since I committed seppuku. I talked to his spirit and after he heard me out he forgave me and understood why I had to do it.