Digusting candies

Candies are something that every person gets to enjoy. Candy is part of everyone’s childhood. Halloween is the time of the year where you can eat as much candy as you want. However, you should watch out for what type of candy you eat, especially during Halloween. There are so many weird candies out there. Sometimes I wonder, who’s idea was to create nasty looking and tasting candies? What were they thinking when they thought that anyone would want to eat these candies? Most of the candies I am going to talk about, I didn’t even know they existed, and I bet you won’t either.

Ear wax is a very natural thing in our bodies. In some cases, ear wax helps protect the skin in the ear against bacteria, fungi, insects, and water. You should still clean your ears, though. Apparently, ear wax is also used to make candy. The good news is that these candies are not exactly made out of ear wax, or at least I think so. The candy is yellow and it has a similar texture to ear wax. When you buy the candy it comes in a plastic ear, and to make matters worse it comes with its own swab. So basically, you would take the swab and start scrapping the candy out of the ear like ear wax. I don’t care how this candy taste, it is disgusting. I would never recommend anyone to eat this terrifying looking candy.

The ear wax candy is no where near as horrifying as this next candy. Hotlix candy is the worst candy made for kids, or anyone in general in my opinion. At first, I thought it was an ordinary sweet lollipop, but as I looked closely I noticed something strange. After, you finish licking through the sugar coating of the lollipop, you are left with a real life scorpion. Inside of the lollipops, there are scorpions for you to eat. This was a terrible idea because nobody wants to eat a lollipop with a scorpion inside, especially kids. Since, no kids wanted a scorpion in their lollipop, this product was barely purchased.

I change my opinion when I said that the scorpion candy was the worst candy ever. I believe one hundred percent that this next candy is the worse candy in the history of candies. Whoever created this candy must have been hit in the head when they were thinking about making it. It’s very similar to the scorpion candy, but instead of a scorpion there are ants in the candy. You even make this candy at home by yourself. All you need is sugar and ants because that is all this candy is. It’s melted sugar with ants that were thrown in the melted sugar. Out of everything the world has to offer, they decided to chose ants. I just don’t understand what they were thinking. I would never eat any type of candy made out of ants.

Candies are supposed to be something that anyone can enjoy. However, all this new candy creations are getting out of control. We need to bring back the sweet, delicious candy without real life animals inside of them that we all enjoy. Most importantly, we need to stop making weird candies, or candy are going to turn into a nightmare.