My Articles: Review

I have been in this class since seventh grade and I thought, why not go back and review my first couple articles? So, here they are:

That Pickle’s Chasing Me!!

Honestly, I don’t remember even coming up with this story. I don’t really remember writing it either. Like, what went through my mind as I wrote this? “Oh, this is going to be an amazing story! I’m sure it will turn out great!” Is that what I thought? Oh gosh, I don’t even know what to say about this. This was a terrible story, to be honest. Like, why pickles? Why did people have to turn into pickles?

Top 3 Disneyland Rides

This article is probably one of my normal ones. It’s just a normal article about Disneyland and which rides people (people from the internet and my friends) people liked the best. I think this was only of the only articles I wrote where I cited the places I got the information from. Wow.

The Enchanted Forest Series

The first part of this story seemed a bit too fast and rushed through. It also didn’t have that much detail and let me just point out that I was really bad back then. The second part seemed a bit better than the first part, but it didn’t have that much detail either. The third part seems much better than the first two parts, but it still didn’t have much detail. Like, it’s the third part and we still don’t know what the main characters look like. The fourth part is much better but still doesn’t have that much detail. I enjoyed the 5th part a lot, actually. But… Still no detail. The 6th part was much better than the rest, since we got a bit more detail about a castle they visited, but we still don’t know what the main characters look like. Okay, so, the 7th part (the final part) was terrible. To be completely honest, I don’t really remember writing this story, or even remember coming up with it.

The Mirror

I think I wrote this story for an English project. This is actually a pretty cool story, but I just don’t like the way I wrote it. I feel like I should’ve added a bit more details and made the story more interesting to read. But I think it’s a really good story, I just don’t like my writing styles in this.

Stay With Me Series

I actually really liked this series and was sad that I never got to finish it. I might actually rewrite it, finish it by the end of eighth grade, and make it my last article of middle school. This was actually a pretty good series, but I don’t recommend that you read it.

Shoot Me, I Dare You

This was originally only for my friend because she told me that she had this dream and asked me to write a story about it, so I did and ended up publishing it here. I honestly kind of liked this story because it was pretty cool.