My First Concert

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3.11.19: Hello everyone, welcome to my TED Talk. I’m currently writing this bit three days before the concert, so here’s Katie from the past. Pretty cool huh? Yep. Now, let me give you some background info. For my birthday in December, my best friend, Jackson Denis Megehffle, surprised me with concert tickets to go see a singer I’ve admired for quite some time. His name is Conan Gray and he’s an angel. I adore everything about this guy, and I’ve been pumped for this concert since I got the tickets. Now, the week has finally rolled around when I start preparing myself for the concert. Okay, now here’s after-concert-Katie.

3.15.19: Let me begin by saying that this was one of the greatest nights of my life. After school, I went home with my friend, absolutely stoked for the concert. We get ready, and leave around 5:00. The drive was..well, I’ll spare you the details. To say the least, I was extremely nauseous and carsick the whole way there. We stopped once we were in LA to get food, which was really good, mind you. We saw a bunch of cute dogs, had some really weird tasting mochi, and drove to the El Rey Theatre.

At this point, I was internally dying. Not only was I going to see one of my favorite singers perform live, I was going to meet him. Here’s where things get a little messy. My friend’s mom drops us off, and we walk to the back of the line, which was all the way around on the other side of the theatre. After awkwardly standing there, I realize that we’re not supposed to be there because we had VIP tickets, meaning we were supposed to be in the theatre already. It took me way too long to muster up the courage to ask the girls behind us to save our spots in case we were just dumb and needed to get back in the line, and we walked to the front of the theatre to talk to the guys in the front.

I tell one of the security guards that I had VIP tickets and needed to get in. Quick important background info: the tickets were supposed to be emailed to my mom on the 13th-the day before the show. But, alas, they never were sent to her. We printed the receipts instead, hoping it would be just as good. For the security guard, it was. We go through security, walk up to the doors, when the lady tells us that we need to get the actual tickets and not just the receipt. So, we walk up to the box office and explain to the guy our situation. He was, to say the least, very aggressive and yelled at us for not having our tickets. Still, he gave us our tickets and we finally made it into the theatre.

There wasn’t a huge crowd at first, but I wasn’t close to the stage at all. We ended up somewhere in the middle after everyone else came in. I almost immediately bought a shirt, which is now my favorite shirt. I walked into the bathroom and, strangely, there were bags of chips and candy taped to the mirror?? This sign next to it said it wasn’t complimentary, and I had already eaten, so I didn’t take anything. But it was funny to me so I thought it’d be worth mentioning.

After standing around in a crowded venue with a bunch of teenagers, Conan’s opener, Marie Ulven (aka girl in red) came out. I hadn’t heard a lot of her songs, but even still she was so fun to watch, as she really hyped up the crowd. The best part by far was when she gathered everyone together and freakin jumped into the audience. I got to hold her hand too, which was also super cool. She finished her act, and the moment came where Conan would come out on stage and everyone would lose their voices screaming at him. His super awesome band came out first, and then he made an amazing entrance while singing one of my favorite songs of his, Generation Why.

A lot happened. He sang a bunch of songs, someone threw a packet of hot chocolate at him, he put on a pair of fairy wings for three of his songs, we made him cry by holding up signs during one of his songs, he got asked to prom by someone in the audience (he said yes); it was absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’ve screamed so loud in my entire life. The concert part ended, and the first thing we did was get water. It was extremely hot in the venue. Pro tip: bring water to concerts. We the got in line with the rest of the people with VIP tickets and waited to meet him.

We were the last group to be taken upstairs to meet him. I walked into the room and gave him the biggest hug ever. Everyone was bringing him flowers and crap, and I planned on giving him a ring pop and “proposing” to him, but it didn’t work as I didn’t have a ring pop. He laughed pretty hard at that, and said that my love and affection was just enough. What a doll, right?? I took a really nice picture with him and Jacksonian Democracy, gave him another hug, and drove back home.

Conan’s such a talented guy, and I’m more than happy that I, one, have a friend like Jackson, and two, was able to see Cone perform. It was, in conclusion, a perfect first concert experience. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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