The day of a catcher and double header

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I’ve been looking forward to this double header for two weeks now. After my grand slam in my last game, my confidence got a major boost. I’ve been doing sit-ups, push-ups and running, to build up my strength and speed. The night before a game I eat a pretty healthy dinner. I also did a small workout, despite my dad’s suggestion to take it easy the night before (I think the workout kinda helped). Before every game I need a really good night sleep.

The next day, my alarm went off at 6:24 am. Game day. I was so excited to wake up and prepare for my double-header. I ate a really, really good breakfast. I couldn’t go out of the house without my parents and I dancing to my pump up songs. Some of my favorites are, Immigrant  Song by Led Zeppelin, Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard and Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N Roses. The last thing I do to get pumped up is, go to Jamba Juice with my dad. My favorite pre-game smoothie is a PB chocolate love with an energy boost.

When I get to the field I first say “Hi” to all of my teammates and then, that’s when I get in the real zone for my game. To get warmed up we, play catch do some infield and outfield drills. The good thing about being a catcher on any team is, you can leave the situation your doing for practice early and go practice with my pitcher. The best part about being a catcher on my team is, you get to choose how you want the pitcher to through the signs. My old coach would never let me through signs. Also my confidence literally just got busted a lot. My team won the first game by a lot and lost the second game by a little.

In my opinion my catching skills have gotten a lot better too. I used to be really, really scared of the ball when grounders came at me, but not know. I think I’m just realizing that my gear with protect me. Which I don’t know why I never noticed that before. I think it is because, before every game I now practice a little with my pitcher and get in the zone for catching. I never did that on my last team, or any team.

Iv’e been at my league for about one year now. The best part of knowing a lot of people at my league is that when we play against each other, it’s kind of competitive and fun at the same time. When our game is finally done, all of my friends and I do a bug bear hug together.

One of the ways my team and I bond is, we go to dinner after every game and have plain fun. We recently went to Sushi Planet. We normally stay out really late, that’s why I’m finishing this article at 10 pm the night before it’s due.

I love writing about my softball games. I think I should write more sports stuff.


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