My Favorite Backyardigan Characters

What’s that? You thought I was done writing about stupid, childish topics that I force myself to either research or recall purely from memory because I have no good article ideas this week? Sike, we goin’ this way.

Even if you weren’t a dedicated Backyardigan fan when you were a small, innocent toddler, did you really have a childhood if you haven’t at least heard of the Backyardigans? Alright, fine. Maybe you’re a piece of moldy bread who’s never heard of or watched the amazing kids show that is the Backyardigans. Allow me to educate you.

The show follows these five main wack animals known as Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin that all look like backward-ass Dragon Ball-Z villains. These imaginative dudes go on some wild adventures with each other in their backyard. Sounds like a fun party to me, sis. They do the normal kids show rigamarole such as singing, dancing, and laughing their way to spreading positive messages.

Like any groundbreaking show, the Backyardigans is full of complex characters- some more than others. In this week’s article, I will be ranking my top 3 favorite personalities from the Backyardigans, in accordance to how much I enjoy their temperament on screen.

#3. Tasha

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My #3 pick is my girl Tasha, the yellow hippopotamus who rocks that eternally iconic yellow, flowered dress. Sister Tasha was the assertive leader of the gang. She was a thiqqy viqqy who was never afraid to speak her mind. She always took the role of the mediator and tried her best to solve the conflict within the group. We stan an opinionated legend. The reason she ranks so low at only #3 is because of how she came across in the first season. She went from being an antagonistic, bossy personality to taking a motherly role over the group. Nonetheless, she’s changed for the better. Tasha gets 7.9 flowers on her dress out of 10.

#2. Tyrone

My dude Tyrone take the #2 spot in this pointless list. Ty is an anthropomorphic moose type of guy who is considered as the show’s tritagonist. He’s like your easygoing friend who sorta has the role as comic relief, y’know? Tyrone is often depicted as being confident and laid-back. He also gets the honor of ending each episode with the iconic line that goes something like, “That was an excellent (type) adventure, don’t you think?” The only reason Tyrone isn’t my #1 pick is because of just how legendary his competition is. No tea, no shade, Ty. You’re a real one. 8.7 antlers out of 10.

#1. Pablo

Without further ado, coming in at #1 is Pablo. I don’t think this really comes as a surprise to any avid Backyardigans fan. Pablo is clearly the most relatable and hilarious character out of the main gang. He’s an enthusiastic and zestful penguin who sometimes worries too much. Like, me too, Pablo, but he goes through a character arch in later seasons and becomes more confident and capable. He’s best friends with Tyrone, and the two make a wonderful pair. Between his iconic tie and hat, what’s not to love about Pablo? Pablo also has the most legendary line ever spoken in the entire series when he asked, “What can a penguin do around here to get some aPPLE JUICE?” Overall, 9.6 boxes of apple juice out of 10.