Soccer Tournament

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I have a soccer team. It’s a soccer club that’s really good. We had a soccer tournament in Lancaster. We had 3 games but if we won those 3 games we advanced to next week again in Lancaster again. We played the “hardest team” the first game. I actually thought they were gonna be good because everyone at this soccer tournament is silver or silver elite. Silver elite is advanced silver. It’s a step closer to gold then silver. My team is silver and we’re the only team that’s silver. everyone thought that we were gonna be the easiest team in the league.

Turns out that the hardest team was the worst team. We beat them 4 to 0 . It was a really easy game. After we won that game that was an advantage because the more teams you beat the better it is. The next day we played again at 8:00. We stayed in a hotel because we had to wake up really early. So we thought it was easier to just stay in a hotel. we won 2-0 the first game and played again at 12:00. The team was pretty weak but they fouled a lot. We just bodied them out.

This one kid kept on pulling me so I got kind of mad because it got annoying. So one play I told my friend to send me. In other words to send the ball. So anyways the kid that kept on pulling me was marking me and I was faster than him. But I slowed down to his paste. And he tried to body me and then I bodied the crap out of him. I dropped him and he got subbed the homie didn’t go back in. He got scared. They put him in last minute. So I dropped down on defense just to mark him.

We passed to next week and we had a game at 3:00. The team didn’t even show up. I think they got scared because who wouldn’t show up. Their team probably didn’t show up. So they gave us a free win. 3-0. We played again the next day at 8:00 in the morning. If we won that game we passed and played again at 2:00. We won 4-0 and we got in a fight so they stopped the game. Our goalie and 1 of our defenders got hurt but they played the next game. The game was so intense.

We ended up winning 1-0.  The team played really physical. But we had to play physical back. The team had this really tall player that looked like a tree. He was really really tall. So since I play right back or defense on the right, the left wing or left forward came to attack me so I kicked the ball and it went rolling. So we both went running for the ball. So I bodied him out and he fell and his friend got mad, the really tall 1 that looks like a tree came after me and tried to elbow me so I kicked the ball and he almost hurt me. And he was really tall.

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