My unpopular opinions

My past two articles have been me responding to unpopular opinions so I thought I would finally share some of my unpopular opinions. Let’s just get into it.

Hot chocolate tastes better with water than with milk

I know that I’m probably going to get actually attacked for this but I don’t care. Hot cocoa tastes good with water. I just feel like water doesn’t make it nasty when it starts getting a little cold. It’s also not as sweet with water as it is with hot chocolate. Hot Cocoa is just one of those things that everyone has their own opinion on and what tastes good in it and what doesn’t.

Wildflower cases are way overpriced.

Ok do not get me wrong I think wildflower cases are adorable but they are super overpriced. Like cases are $37. I can’t say anything about the quality really because I haven’t gotten a wildflower case, but I have asked my friends who have one about them and they say that they are really good quality. I do want a wildflower case but just because I want something it doesn’t mean I can’t think it’s way overpriced.

Burger King is absolutely disgusting

I hate burger king it is disgusting. Let me tell you why I’m sorry if you love burger king but I don’t. They are kind of a disgrace to the fast food industry in my opinion, their food is gross, the burgers, the chicken nuggets, everything. I have been to burger king a couple of times and the only thing that I have ever like at burger king was their fries and that’s the only thing that I will ever like from burger king.

In-n-out is so much better than Chick-fil-a

I love Chick-fil-a its soo good, the only thing is In-n-out it so much better. Everyone hypes us how nice the Chick-fil-a employees are and how they stand out in the freezing or burning weather to take your order. Well, what happened to In-n-out workers they do the same thing. I also think that In-n-out’s food is much tastier. I also don’t think that I have ever been to an Inn-out where the workers are mean or even the least bit rude to me.

Small Youtubers are better than super popular YouTubers.

I watch a lot of small youtubers. You might be thinking to yourself what I consider small. In my opinion small is when a youtube has anywhere between thirty thousand and one million subscribers. You might think that one million subscribers are too many to consider someone small, but if you really think about the number of people who use youtube is 1,300,000,000 which is a lot of people. Ok so back to why small YouTubers are better than big youtubers. They are better for one because they interact with their fans more. I’m not trying to blame bigger youtubers for not communicating with their fans all the time because I know that everyone is busy. Finally, small youtubers don’t get into as much drama as bigger youtubers who usually create drama about everything.