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Beautiful birds

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When you think about getting a new pet, you might think of a dog or a cat. Those are the first pets most people think of. I don’t blame them, as a dog person, I can always complain to my parents how bad I want a dog. However, what about hamsters, fish, or even birds. If I wasn’t obsessed with dogs, I would probably want to get a bird. Bird are amazing and beautiful animals. There are so many breeds, sizes, and colors to choose from. Birds are more than just beauty, they are also brilliant, and have a lot of great characteristics. There are so many birds that you probably have never seen in your entire life. Which is why I will inform you about them, just in case you never have the chance to see them.

#4 The Blue Jay

The Blue Jay is mostly found in North America, Canada, and Central United states. They are very intelligent because they can copy the voice of Hawks, but the only difference is their tone. They can make a variety of sounds such as quite calls they use among each other. The most common sound they make is an alarm call, which is like a gull scream. Sometimes Blue Jays can sound exactly like a Hawk that Hawks get confused. Males and females are almost identical except that males are slightly larger.Image result for blue jay

#3 Toucan

The Toucan is a Latin American, multi colored bird. It is also the national bird of Belize. The Toucan bird can weight about 380 to 500 grams. They have a long colorful peak that stands out and creates a stunning look. They can lay two to 21 white eggs in their nest. Toucans were hunted for food and kept as pets because of their natural beauty. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen anymore because of the Tucana foundation, named after the bird Toucan. These beautiful species deserve to be free out in the nature. The legs of a toucan are strong and soft. Their colorful beak measures more than half the length of their entire body. That is insane considering they don’t weight that much.

Image result for toucan#2 Flamingo

The flamingo is a known all around the world. A healthy flamingo has a more vibrant color like bright red. Meanwhile, a poorly fed or unhealthy flamingo is pale and white rather than being red or pink. According to Wikipedia it says, “Four flamingo species are distributed throughout the Americans, including the Caribbean, and two species are native to Africa, Asia, and Europe.” Flamingos are not pets that you could keep at your house, obviously, but they are stunning.Related image

#1 Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is the only puffin inhabitant to the Atlantic Ocean according to many reports. This bird is very small, but it is extremely adorable. The Atlantic puffin can swim through the ocean by flapping its wings against the water. They use their wings to swim through water and fly in the skies. They have adapted their wings to use on water and land. The Atlantic puffin has many nicknames like “sea parrots” and “clowns of the sea”.

Image result for atlantic puffin

Overall, birds are stunning creatures. They are brilliant, and most of them are amazing company for humans.

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Beautiful birds