Why P.E. is very important but should be changed

If you actually have PE, which most of you do, then you may hate it or love it. In this article I will explain to you why PE is important and then why it is flawed so we can figure out a way to fix it.

PE is one of the most controversial classes in school due to it being very tiring, making it bad, and it keeping you fit, which makes it good. But there is no doubt it is important. Here are the reasons why. First, it keeps you fit. As I said before PE helps you stay in shape so you are healthy. Most people want to be healthy so they can live a great, long life. If you are in 7th grade and taking health, you know how to be healthy. And exercising is one of the most important things to keep you healthy. Next, it keeps you awake and ready to learn. When in PE you are doing things that keep you alert and awake during school hours so during the later classes you are still are as energetic as you were in your earlier classes or vise versa. Last, it’s a free way to play sports. Here at Hale, in PE, we have different units that we switch every few weeks. Such as Basketball, Softball, Raquetball, and Football. Which is a good thing but can get very repetitive with playing the same people every day but it’s still a way to play sports without paying for classes or paying to be on a team. Now that we know what’s good about PE let’s figure out how we change it.

PE is right now graded in a way that can ruin your GPA if you don’t do good in it. However, there are some people that aren’t active enough, which PE helps with but ruins their grade. This should not be the case instead of how good you are at doing something. Instead how hard you try and the effort you put towards the class. Also the PE instructors need to be a bit more understanding of how kids act and what they are wanting to do (play sports) not run the mile every week. Instructors also need to make PE fun and an enjoyable time of the day. So you would have a good mindset for the rest of the day. PE is very important because it makes or breaks a persons day and with the change it could just make their day. PE also needs to be a bit more happy and less serious. PE is very serious and it shouldn’t be. It should be fun and happy so students are happy to go to the class. Students will also behave better if you are nicer and make the class more fun. Adolescents aren’t the most outwardly happy people most times so if you, the coach, are nice to them you will become one of their favorite teachers and allow them to succeed in your class, creating a happy student-teacher relationship in the process.

This is how I would fix PE but how would you fix it? Have a discussion with your friends and see their opinions about PE and tell them yours as well so you can have a mutual understanding about PE.