Airpods are an apple product that took over the world. They were so popular that they made everybody run to the nearest Apple and buy a pair of these AirPods. Everybody listens to music so Apple came out with the newest trend which is AirPods. They were known as the futuristic version of earbuds. They had no wire and worked using Blue Tooth from your phone. They also got popular because you can call and listen to people using these AirPods.

AirPods are a new trend so everybody is selling fake or different versions of AirPods hoping for it to become famous and make that person a millionaire. Some people actually fall for it and buy the fake AirPods and end up feeling terrible that they do not work and they realize that they were ripped off. People tell if AirPods are real by looking at the size but people who do not normally see AirPods do not know if it is real or fake.

AirPods normally cost about 175 to 200 dollars. Some people think that AirPods are just a waste of money but i think that they are helpful with work purposes and other purposes.  They do not fall out and they are very small. They have a case that is also a charger for the AirPods which also holds the AirPods.  AirPod users are in the 1% of the community because a lot of people can not afford this expensive Apple product. This is cheap compared to other Apple products such as The iPad and the iPhone XR which is over one thousand dollars.

AirPods can connect to iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. Even though the are made by an Apple they still work on Androids. They also sound better than normal Ear Buds because it produces extremely efficient wireless for a better connection and improved sound. On one full charged AirPods it will last for up to five hours or more. Most people do not listen to music for more than five hours a day. You can also answer calls with AirPods.

All you have to do to answer a call with AirPods is just to double tap the outside of the AirPods and it will automatically answer the call using wireless network. Also if you tap AirPods once while listening to music then it will skip the song and go to the next song you want to listen to. To change the volume of the music you just have to say hey Siri and say to pause the music and it will immediately. Unfortunately if you put AirPods in water than it will stop working and the bluetooth will shut off.

If you drop AirPods on the floor and they will not break and the AirPods will just pop out of the case like it ejects  from the case. AirPods are a big advancement in technology and will be used for a very long time. AirPods have a hole in them that is called a port. Ports are smaller holes on the sides of the speakers. It releases 50% of all the sound.