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Brawl Stars Strategy part 4: Jesse and Brock

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Some brawlers are very easy to play because of their simple mechanics. But the next two brawlers are a little more complex and need more skill and practice to play. These two brawlers are Jesse and Brock.

Jesse is one out of three brawlers that currently place turrets, built structures that give your team (or you) an advantage while in game. She places a tower that looks like a little baby elephant. Even though it is very cute, it is not to be underestimated because it does a lot of damage and it could really become a lot of trouble, especially for low health brawlers. Her turret does 300 damage per hit and it shoots very fast. It also has 3500 health. Jesse does 1025 damage and has 4000 health. Jesse’s shots bounce from enemy to enemy but, in order to get her shot bouncing, she needs to hit an enemy. It will then bounce to another enemy. Her Star Power allows her to hit her turret with her normal Attack to heal it. The Attack will still bounce towards the closest enemy like normal, meaning that your Attacks will still hint to enemy whereabouts and may even hit them. Because of the fact that her shots bounce from one person to the other, you can hit your turret (if you have your star power) to determine the general area of the nearest player. When playing gem grab, you can guess the most likely spot where multiple people may be and shoot there preemptively. This allows you to do a lot of damage to their team and charge your super quickly. Her super is not only for damage you can use it as a distraction or a unit to absorb damage at desperate times.  Her turret can be places in bushes so that you can bring it less attention while it subtly does damage to opponents.

Brock is a man with rocket launcher that loves music. He even has a skin that shoots rockets out of a boombox. He needs a little more practice than skill to be able to play him successfully. You need to get used to his long range. He does 1320 damage and has 3360 health.  For his super, he shoots a shower of rockets that do 1248 damage. As you may have noticed he does a lot of damage and has little health. His star power gives his rockets a new ability: incendiary. This allows your rockets to explode and light an area on fire for a duration of time. You could call him a sniper per say.  He always has and always will ever have the advantage in a long range battle, in exception to piper which we will talk about later. Try predicting your enemies movement for his rockets are fairly slow. Try to stay behind a short range teammate so that you will be protected from assassin brawlers that have great mobility and do a lot of damage. Saving your ammo is essential for emergency situations where you need the extra damage.

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Brawl Stars Strategy part 4: Jesse and Brock