NBA Draft

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The NBA Draft is something that every college prospect, or even High School seniors look forward to. The NBA draft is when prospects from college/ High School seniors are chosen by teams to play in the NBA. This year the draft will be on June 20. The top prospects for this years draft are Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Ja Morant, Cam Reddish, and Darius Garland, according to ESPN. I’m looking forward to see who will be drafted to the NBA (and what teams they go to), and who will not go to the NBA. This is really exciting for people who can make it to the NBA. Even people from different countries/continents can be drafted to the NBA.

There are many rumors that the draft is rigged. Conspiracies like these started going around in 1985. This was because the NBA was desperate for fans, because they were going to get cut from CBS because the NBA’s deal with CBS was going to expire soon. During the 1985 draft, the man that puts the NBA team cards into the 1st pick lottery machine ended up hitting the card for the New York Knicks, and didn’t hit any of the other cards against the glass. This bent the card, and when the cards started to spin, the man who would take the card out could be seen following the bent card with his eyes. He ended up picking the bent card of course, and made it so the New York Knicks could pick the player they want first. They ended up picking Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing was a very good NBA player and that’s why they picked him, but it was also because it could generate publicity for the NBA because New York has a very big, and popular. This just gives us more reasons to think that the draft is fixed, but personally I don’t think it is, even though it might be.

I’m excited to go and watch the draft on the 20th. I think it’ll be fun to watch. It will be cool to see who goes to what team in the NBA. I hope to be able to be there that night someday, maybe going to watch, or actually being drafted. I don’t know if I can be good enough to get to that point, but I’m always practicing, and getting better. I wish I could be taller too, because I could be even better at the game. Also since I’m 5 ft.9 in., I have been trained as a center and a power forward, but I’m only supposed to be around 6 ft. when I’m done growing. It would be weird, because when I get older, everyone will be taller, and i’ll have to learn how to play a point guard, which i’m not very good at, because I can’t handle the ball as well as other point guards that I play with currently, I am fast, but I can’t shoot from range to well either, so I just practice shooting from range.

All in all, I’m really excited for the draft, and I think a lot of people are excited too. I think it would be cool to watch Zion Williamson, and other amazing players get drafted, because I want to know where they get drafted to, even if it’s just on TV and not in person. The NBA draft is so fun I can’t wait.

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