Street Foods Around the World

Yo guys whats good. Its me, back at it again with another food article. We are going to be looking at some street foods around the world. And using my special talent/super power to get people very hungry with ease.

  1. Taiyaki (Japan): Okay, starting off this list with a bang, we have Taiyaki. This is a warm fish shaped cake that is filled with red bean paste. Taiyaki is traditionally found on the streets during winter seasons in japan, as well as Korea (but it is called bungeo-ppang there). You can also find Taiyaki with a few more fillings such as custard, chocolate, cheese, or even sweet potato. Now you may be saying “Well that’s nice, but how much does it cost?”. Welp, this street food is only coming in at 180 yen ($1.62). Image result for taiyaki
  2. Chimney Cake (Czech Republic): Next up on our list we have street food for you people with more of a sweet tooth. A chimney cake is a light and airy desert that is made from pouring batter around a large spit, which is then cooked over a grill, rolled in sugar and served with lashings of Nutella, as stated in an Hostelword article about street food. It can be found anywhere in Prague, and only costs £3 ($3.39).

street foods from around the world / chimney cake @kokusai_canuck

3. Pan fried Pork Buns (China): Coming in at number three we have a more savory option for anyone that doesn’t want a mouth full of sugar. These Pan fried pork buns are (just as the name states) pork filled buns that are pan fried on the bottom. These delightful pork buns are topped with sesame seeds, and green onions. And can be served with a special chili and vinegar sauce that adds a little kick to the buns themselves. And not only are these absolutely amazing to look at and eat. It also only comes in at a cost of 6 yuan ($0.88). Image result for pan fried pork buns

4. Crepe (France): Alright, this article would not be doing a justice if I did not put the iconic desert on our list. While I am guessing all of you know what a crepe is. I will be explaining it to the 1% that do not. A crepe is a thin pancake-like pastry that is very popular in France, but also around the world in general. They are made with wheat flour, and cooked on a hot plate. Also being topped with things like Nutella, caramel, powdered sugar, and fruits like strawberry and banana. But, this desert is a little more pricey than all of our other options, usually coming in at 6-7€ ($7.91- $6.78)

Image result for crepe

5. Tornado Potatoes (South Korea): Last but certainly not least, we have Tornado Potatoes from South Korea. A lot of street foods like to incorporate potato into their recipe. But this puts a twist on a class potato on a stick (no pun intended). It is made by spiraling a whole potato, putting it on a skewer, and deep frying it. It is also topped regularly with cheese, honey, or onion. It is quite a simple snack, but it is just so tasty that you can not argue the genius of who ever made this. I could not get the full price of these but it ranges from $3-$10 depending on where you get it from. Image result for tornado potato spirals