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My Weekend

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This weekend was very fun. We got a new garage door, which was really cool. Lao we got a new basketball backboard because the other one had cracked because it was really old. The basketball hoop was a little tilted so my dad extended it. He cut a piece of the other basketball hoop and bolted it to the new one. Then it was perfect. I was supposed to have a couple of baseball games of games but they all got canceled from all of the rain.  The weekend was a little boring till my friend’s mom texted my mom saying if I wanted to go up to the snow to go snowboarding. I wanted to go so bad because I had nothing to do.

We were roller skating at the time so after that we went over to my friends house to try on his pants because I didn’t have any, and they fit. Next, we went to go to rent a snowboard. That all went by fast. Then I went home to pack my bag. We drove to their house, and my dad dropped me off. My friends cousin was there so that was also cool. We hung out and played Fortnite. When we woke up all of us got ready because we wanted to get up to the mountain early. The drive was about an hour and a half. We had eight people on this trip. When we got to the mountain we jumped in the snow because we were so exited that we were there. On the snow there was a little patch of ice

We kept slipping on the ice. We were racing and one of us would slip and hit our hip on the ice. When we were all ready we went up to get the tickets. After that we went to go rent my friend’s snowboard. The line was also so long there too. We were at the place where you try get your snowboard and the parent had to sign a waiver. And of coarse the parent was all the way down the hill taking the babies sledding. So we didn’t know that so we walked around trying to find her and we couldn’t find her.

We went back to the renting area and our renting helper asks his manager if we didn’t have to sign the waiver. And of coarse he said no. We looked around two more times and we finally got service. We called my friend’s mom and she said that she was down the mountain sledding. The renting helper finally let us go. We went up the mountain and we were so excited. When we go to the top I forgot my gloves. On the chair lift we saw jumps, so we really wanted to go on them. When we started down the mountain we hit on of the ramps and I bailed. The second ramp was a bigger, so I bailed it even more. The next run I cleared both of them but I didn’t land them. We had a great time.

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My Weekend