Finding article topics

I was having a hard time finding article subjects to write about. My dad came up with the idea of playing a game called 20 questions. The plan my dad and I made up was, the first card I got right, that would be my article topic. I got the card “subway”, so I guess I will talk about subways.

I’ve been on a total of 3 subways.

The first time I was ever on a subway was when I went to France. I was scared and excited to actually walk on the subway for the first time. My parents told me that when the subway is gone and you accidentally slip and fall, you will either get electrocuted or you will die. But, if you get electrocuted big time then you will die in a matter of seconds. Which is terrible. I don’t remember much about France because it was five years ago.

But, I do remember that my cousin made a Flat Stanley for me to take along with me while I was in France. The other thing that kind of triggered my memory of France was when my dad showed me pictures of me by the subway. It was kind of embarrassing to watch the faces that I was making, because I was so surprised how dirty and smelly the subways were. I guess the homeless live in the subway or near the subway. By the second day in France when I was on the subway I knew where I was going. Literally on the subway I would kind of tell my parents where our stop was. I would say ” So our next stop is” where ever we where going.

My parents told me this information about one day ago. They were like “hopefully you don’t forget this. And I didn’t forget. l’m kind of proud of this because I’ve been forgetting a lot.”

I have also been on the subway down by Hollywood to go to the Hollywood Bowl to see some awesome shows. I do get a little scared to go down to the subway because, even though my parents and family members go with me, I don’t like all the homeless people there. I don’t want to sound rude, but I do get a little nervous. I sometimes think there going to ask me for something that I don’t have, like money on me. My parents told me it is not that hard to smile and say no sorry. But it isn’t as easy for me. Maybe it is because I am a girl. I don’t  know.

My most recent subway that I’ve been on was when I was in London about a year ago. The one thing I remember about the subway in London is, when you first walk onto the subway the speakers say, mind your step”. In, of course, a British accent. My parents told me that before we even got to London, but I didn’t expect the speakers to be that annoying. I mean I have to admit they were very very annoying. I would have those words stuck in my head the whole day because the speakers say that so much.



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