Basketball Championships Pt. 2

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You may or may not have read my article from last week, about the basketball championships for the Woodland Hills Rec. Center. The championship was fun, I would know, because I played in it. I loved being able to play against a team with friends I have from Hale and friends from my other friends that went to my elementary school. The other team the 76ers wanted that championship, and they got it. The game was really close 76ers were up by seven points. The score was 38 to 45. Even if we lost it was still so much fun. Before the game started the staff at the rec. center setup a flag in the middle of the court, and played the National Anthem. It was funny when they did that cause my friend Matthew was standing at the end of his team’s line, and I was standing at the end of my team’s line. It was so funny cause he kept staring at me and making random funny faces, so I couldn’t help myself and we both started laughing.

After that happened, the game began. My coach put me in as a starter. Since I’m the second tallest guy on the team, I was put in the center (center guards the middle of the key/the basket). I didn’t tip off though, since I can’t jump too high, so our point guard tipped off since he can jump really high. Our point guard won the tip off and we all dashed down to the other side of the court, with us having possession of the ball. The first point was made, everyone sprinted back, and that’s when the game really started to become serious. Both teams traded points as the minutes went by. Finally it was halftime. We got some time to practice more and rest a bit more. Halftime ended and I was back in the game for the third time. Sure I was tired, but I was sprinting and giving my best in the game, trying to keep us ahead of the 76ers. The 6ers wanted that championship, and so did we. I’m not mad about losing, but I think it would’ve been cool if we won the game, because it would’ve been my first championship win, even when I had only played in a basketball league for 2 seasons before that.

After the game was over, the 76ers started to celebrate their win, and we were all happy for them, even players that were knocked out of the playoffs showed up to the game which was nice of them to show up and watch the game. Even though we lost we still celebrated the fact that we made it too the championships, and the coaches mom brought cupcakes for us to eat, which was really nice. After everyone was done celebrating I decided to go talk to my friends and congratulate them on the win. I’m really excited for the next season to come, and I hope we can get to the championships again, or even get on a team with my friends. I look forward to being able to meet new people in the league, and being able to see friends/play against them, I also hope to improve my game. By the beginning of the season I would like to be better at the game and be a good player in the league.

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