My response to unpopular opinions part 2

My last article was me responding to some unpopular opinions that I found on the internet and since I really enjoy responding to all these unpopular opinions I decided to do a part two, so here it is.


“Dogs are not that great”

I strongly disagree with this. I love dogs,  I actually have three. Two chihuahuas and one Maltipoo and I love all of them sooo much. So no I don’t agree with this opinion just because dogs are sweet and loving. One way I would understand why someone would hate dogs is if they have had a bad experience with them like being attacked by one.


“Macaroni and Cheese should be called Macaroni and Cheese, not Mac n cheese”

Ok so for this one I honestly didn’t know that people cared so much about this, to be honest, its kind of dumb, it really doesn’t matter what someone calls it to me. I just think that sometimes people make a big deal over nothing.


“I don’t like brunch”

I like brunch, especially since I don’t really eat breakfast before I leave for school. Since my body used to not having breakfast or food till about 10:00 am If I do have breakfast my stomach will start to hurt. So brunch is pretty much perfect for me.


“Women should be able to use the men’s room if our line is too long”

I do think that this is okay because sometimes the women’s restroom lines are very long and its really annoying just seeing that the guy’s restroom is wide open and no one is coming in or out.


“Chewing gum is disgusting”

No, Chewing gum is not disgusting it is delicious! I can agree if someone says that some flavors of gum are disgusting but not all. I do know some people that hate chewing gum though. They hate everything about it the way it tastes the way it feels, everything. I just don’t understand.


“Football is boring”

Football is SOOO boring. I agree with this opinion 100 percent.  Everyone hypes up football way more than it should be. People literally throw parties to watch the Superbowl. I just find it so unentertaining like why watch people run and tackle each other. I mean football is a cool sport, but I just don’t think it should be as hyped up as it is.


“I think fake nails are ridiculous and a waste of money”

Ok so the thing about fake nails is that some are super ridiculous, but I don’t think its ridiculous if you just want to get your nails done naturally for a special occasion. I don’t think there is any problem with getting acrylics as long as they are not insane.


“Friends is overrated”

I really like Friends and think its a funny show for sure, but is it overrated? Yes, definitely! I love friends because it’s just a show that I feel like you can never go wrong with like if your watching tv with your family and friends. I feel like everyone would like it because it’s really funny. I do feel like people talk about it way too much though that it kind of ruins it.