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Weird places

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There are beautiful, peaceful, and amazing places on earth. Unfortunately, none of the following places I am going to talk about are like that. They are terrifying and spooky. Many of the places I am going to talk about have a reputation for being weird. When I say these places are weird, they are a hundred percent nuts. A few of these places weren’t always weird or scary. It was mostly humans that caused these places to become scary, weird, and extremely uncomfortable.

Nagoro is a city in Japan that used to be a friendly and normal place. Of course, that changed into something you would never think of. Even though, this is a small village in Japan, it’s very unique. It has a life sized doll population, which is insane. Who would ever think of making a doll population? Actually, I know who would think about doing this, Tsukimi Ayano. He is the one responsible for seriously making toy residents. However, he did have a reason to make all of these dolls. He would create doll replicas of his neighbors that passed away or moved somewhere else. Now, you might think it is not a big deal. You might be thinking it’s only a few dolls scattered around the village. That is not true at all. In my opinion, I think it becomes a problem when the doll population outnumbers the actual human population in the village. The doll population outnumbers the human population by a ratio of 100 to 1. To this day there are about 350 dolls in the village. Don’t forget that the village is small, so you can see these dolls everywhere. You can see doll replicas of kids going to school, couples sitting on benches, and fishermen fishing. It creeps me out to think that there are probably dolls outside of my house just standing there.

This next place is very similar to a cemetery, except they have a huge difference. If you wanted to visit your loved ones that passed away, instead of looking down, you’ll have to look up. This place is known as the Hanging Coffins of Sagada in the Philippines. People in this region are known for attaching their coffins to the sides of cliffs. It is a tradition to make your own coffin, then die, and be placed into that coffin. Many of these coffins are a hundred years old. This place is not as scary as the one before, but it still gives me chills when to go to cemeteries. Whether, they are hanging on top of me, or five feet under me, it can still freak me out.

There is a church believed to be hunted by ghosts. This church is the San Fernando Cathedral church in San Antonio, Texas. It is a stunning church to go to and visit. However, it has a mysterious and evil background. When construction workers started renovating the church back in 1936, they found bones, nails, and old military uniforms near the altar. Many people believe all of these things belonged to three soldiers of the Alamo. Since the incident, several people reported scary shadows and ghosts inside the church itself. However, nobody knows if any of that is true. Those are weird places that unexpectedly exist.

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Weird places