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Grass is pretty cool. Grass can be used for many functions. It can be anything you want it to be. It can take many shapes, sizes, and functions. It is used in lawns, to cover things that you don’t want to show, and other things.

The Grass Phone Case

This is one implication that grass can take is this grass iPhone case. This case is good for people who love nature. This case is also good for situations where your hand is itchy. Imagine, a hot, summer day, you and your friends are sitting on the curb, eating cold snacks, like pop-sickles, watermelons, and other cold snacks. The pop-sickle juice or watermelon juice is dripping down your hand. You notice the juice drip down your hand and wipe your hand on your shirt. Your hand then starts itching and you don’t want to put away your snack just to scratch your hand. So you grab your phone and use it to scratch your hand. This phone case is very useful in many ways. It can help you when your hand is itchy and your other hand is occupied. This phone case is also a good thing to show to parties as a party trick when the party is boring.

The Grass Shoe

Honestly, I don’t believe that this shoe has any practical use. I’m pretty sure that this shoe is only made to look cool. You can play golf with your friends with your new grass shoe. You drive to your fancy or not-fancy golf course, meeting your friends that you haven’t met in years. They look at your new shoes and bask in the greatness of your shoes. Their eyes cannot take the glory of your grass shoes, burning up in the first seconds of viewing your amazing shoes. Their brains can not comprehend the greatness of the grass shoes and how it is the greatest article of clothing in the world. This grass shoe can probably be worn anywhere but might lead to the grass shedding everywhere on your things. The advantage of these shoes is that you need to water them and they do not grow. Also, you don’t need to add any dirt to grow the grass on the shoe.

Elephant Grass Sculpture

This grass sculpture is for when people love animals but cannot afford to buy one. This may or may not be more expensive than buying an actual animal. However, these sculptures don’t need any living space since they don’t need to move. All you need to do is to water it and to trim it every so often so that the grass doesn’t grow too much. It can be a lovely addition to your yard without making any loud “elephant”-like noises. This sculpture can also go well with other grass animals that you may or may not have. People might think that you are weird because of the mass quantity of grass sculptures in your yard that is overlooking the entire neighborhood.

These are just some of the things that are made of the magnificent art form, GRASS.

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