The Great Mail Run

I will be participating in this event called the “Great Mail Run” where people from different parts from the world mail information about them self and ask you questions. This girl from Mountain home, Arkansas wrote my class a letter and this is my response.

Dear Makayla,

Im a student from Hale Charter Academey, my name is Ariel Malem. I want to tell you some additional facts about our school. On your letter you pointed out an interesting fact, that your school has seven periods and our school has six. I don’t know if you count advisory as a period but we don’t. If we did count advisory as a period our school would have seven periods as well. Another additional fact about our school is that we have a variety of different races. This is usually a positive thing because we get to learn new things about other cultures. I would tell you the geography of California but I think you would be more interested in our weather. Our weather is really weird one day it’s cold and rainy the next day it’s boiling hot. Another interesting fact is that it goes really dark at like five p.m,due to daylight savings. I don’t know if where you live is the same.

Personally I am Jewish. Being Jewish has really impacted my life for example there are many rules that my dad tells me to follow. One rule I have to follow is that I can not eat NON-kosher meat. I like playing sport on my free time I play: soccer, basketball, football and sometimes I run around my neighborhood for fun. I also like skating and playing my dogs. I used to have a trampoline and I played on in almost  every day but one day it broke. I never did a tumble because I don’t know what I tumble is. But I did know how to do a front flip. When I have nothing to do, I skate around with my friends and take my dog’s on a walk.

I as well love playing with my dog’s, one is 4 years old and she is a shiba inu named Bella. She is probably one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever met. She knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, paw, high five and hug. She can also walk on two feet. One time we left the house and when we got back she was knocking on the garage. She was very dirty and we got a  call from our neighbor saying she saw her in the streets. This means she walked around the neighborhood and came back to our house knocking. There is also one more incredible story that may be hard to believe. One day I was eating breakfast and I looked outside and I saw my other dog all wet running inside and when me and my mom looked back we saw Bella with a stick in her mouth inside the pool.We didn’t know for sure but we though the only reasonable reason was that Bella pulled her out of the pool with a stick.

I also have a dog named Zoey. She is a Maltipoo and she loves running away because she think it’s a game. One time she ran away and we chased her for like an hour then we stood still and she went on her back and started smiling. Other than running away she is really smart one time my other dog was locked out the house and she started barking crazy so I went to get her she kept running and looking back to see if I was still following. Then she took me outside to my other dog. I have a lot of friends that are my neighbors. I always go to there house and skate around the neighborhood.