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My weekend

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This weekend my mom didn’t let me play video games so I had to do something else. My friend came over and we played basketball for about one hour. After that my sister’s friend came over. I woke up the next morning and we hung out and ate breakfast. Then, I had a baseball game for about three hours. We won our baseball game four to three. That was our first game of the season because all of our other games go rained out. I felt like our team was pretty good. When I came back my sister and her friend were awake watching Netflix. I was tired from my baseball game so I watched Netflix for about thirty minutes. A little longer My sisters friend go picked up because she had volleyball practice. Then I played on my phone for about forty five minutes. That was the only phone time I got all weekend.

About an hour after that another one of my sisters friends came over. That night my friends grandma was having a little get together. So, I got ready to go. When we got there I went up to my friends room and I watched him play video games for a little bit. After that We went downstairs to play pool for a little bit. When we came back up my step dad was watching golf. I watched that for a little while the we went back home. The next morning We talked about going to the outlets. So I said I wanted to go then everyone wanted to go. We all got dressed then took off. The drive was about twenty to twenty five minutes. When we got there the place was huge. There were about two hundred store at the outlet. First we went to a suit place called Barneys. I fell in love with these shoes, so I put them on hold.

Next my mom and I went to nike. The line was so long that we just looked around. Then we walked all the way across the street and met up at the car to go to Vans. I didn’t find anything great there either. Then I went to Pacsun and I tried on a couple of jeans and love all of them. Next to Pacsun there was a Wetzel’s Pretzels. We all got a fruity smoothie that was very sweet. Next to that my step brother bought a vest and a pair of shoes at Timberland. I really wanted those shoes so I decided to go through with them. The laces were all stretched out and the had a zipper in the back. When we were done at the outlet we went to In And Out. It was really good after a long day. We drove home and my sister and her friend did some homework. My sisters friend went home about a hour after we got home. I realized that video games are not always the only thing you have to waste your weekend on.


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My weekend