Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is a mobile game where two people fight with cards they earn from chests. There are different types of chests like free, silver, gold, magical, giant, lightning, mega lightning, legendary, draft, challenge, legendary king’s, fortune, and tournament chests. There are four rarities which are common, rare, epic, and legendary. Legendary’s are very good and there are  only 16 of them of them out of 91 cards. They are better than rares but epics and commons can defeat them.

They are Magic Archer, Lumberjack, Mega knight, Bandit, log, miner, night witch, Electric wizard, Inferno dragon, Ram rider, Graveyard, Sparky, lava hound, princess, ice wizard, royal ghost. Some cards are more useful than others. The golem splits into two after it is called.There are different game modes such as lady legendary’s, rage battle, draft battle, and 2v2 battle which are the most popular game modes in Clash Royale.

There are emotes in the game also to express your enjoyment and anger on the battlefield. There are 65 of them which are with goblins, giants, mini pekkas, princesses, hog riders, hogs, skeletons, barbarians, electro wizard, wizard, baby dragon, bomber, minions, inferno tower, prince, dark prince, and valkyrie.

Clash royale has a trade system where if you have a certain card that you want and you have a card somebody else wants then you guys can trade and trade it. If it is a common the you need 250 of them and the person you are trading with would need 250 of the common card that they are going to trade. You would do the same thing with fifty rares, ten epics, and 1 legendary card which is really rare to get at a low level and arena.

There are 12 arenas and 9 leagues.Before you get into an arena you start off at training camp. Arena 1 is goblin stadium, Arena 2 is bone pit. I am at 3600 trophies and you gain 27 to 33 trophies every win and you lose 22 to 31. After arena 3 you gain 100 trophies and get a reward. There are also levels which go up to 13.=At level 13 there is an update that gives you star power which takes maxed out level 13 cards and makes them look golden and awesome.

I am at arena 12 which is the highest arena before leagues. The leagues are challenger 1, 2, and 3. Master 1, 2, and 3. And then champion, grand champion, and ultimate champion. There are gems also which cost 100 times more than coins so 16 gems is equal to 1,600 coins which is only enough to purchase 16 rares from the card shop. There are also quests which give you chests but you have to earn them by doing challenges that all depend on what level and arena you are in and what cards you have.

You need to get to level 2  which is very simple because i am at level 10 and that was very easy to get . It is very hard to get to level 13 because you would need to play 1000 games and collect ten thousand gems by the time you would get all the way to level thirteen. Ten thousand gems is equal to about 200,000 coins which you can buy from the shop along with cards and gems.n

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