My grand slam

A grand slam is when bases are loaded and you either hit an in the park home run or an over the fence home run, then all the players automatically come home and no one gets out. That’s what I did!

The feeling when I was in the batter’s box was something like feeling a little pressured. So the pitcher walked the batter in front of me, then I was up. The very first time I was up I hit a single, the second time I hit deep into the out field, now here is my big hit. I walked up, everyone cheering for me, as I said earlier I wasn’t really under that much pressure because I’ve been in that situation many, many times and nothing really good has happened. So here’s my big hit. Normally when I hit a big hit the ball hurts my hand, but this time it didn’t hurt at all. I just got the new ghost bat and that’s probably why it didn’t hurt. And the cool thing is, I didn’t swing with all my power at all. I wish they played my walk up song. A walk up song is when up walk up to the plate and the coach or a team mate plays a song of your choice. My walk up song is the immigrant song by Led Zeppelin. But the problem was that to many of my team mates songs had explicit lyrics in them.

When I was running around the bases my mouth was wide open because I’ve never hit a GRAND SLAM before. When I was running around third base my coach was saying to touch home, like obviously was going to touch home, if I didn’t there would be no score for me. That kind of sounds selfish but it’s true. When I crossed home all of my team mates came out to give me a hug, even the people from the other dugout came to give me a hug.  The most frustrating part of my grand slam was that there was already one person who crossed against home. The rule is you can only have four people cross home plate in an inning unless it is unlimited scores. But sense there was already a person who crossed home plate the score didn’t count for me even though I hit the grand slam.

The next day, one of my favorite coaches who I met when I started the league, offered to coach me catching and batting, when I hit my grand slam. Oh, we were playing his team by the way. I had the coach who wanted to coach me for three season. I was really happy to see a coach who we will be playing soon come out and give me a high five. The best thing about this league is, everyone there is really nice and wants to push everyone to their limits, which I think is really cool. At my old league nobody really cared about people because there was only three teams there. (At my old league we played people from all around the city.)