Cameron Goodman #3

If we put aside all of the bad things like being kidnapped, and getting a blue thingy in my arm, finding out that my worst enemy has a crush on my sister, failing the Water test, … then overall. I think it has been a pretty great day!

I passed the Life test, and Rikki Martinez is jealous of me! And I see that there are more cons than pros for this day, but Rikki Martinez is jealous of me counts for like fifteen pros.

So anytime he would make fun of me, it was because he can’t get a solid B plus on a test? And anytime he made fun of Emily it’s because he liked her! Rikki, you can punch me anytime you want buddy. Now I know that every time he’d punch me it’s because he’s jealous, which is worth getting punched for.

I get in line with the other people that had passed the test. Looking through the tunnel under the stadium. The walls and ceiling are made of obsidian, it is shiny and sparkling from the light at the end of the tunnel. “Your arm please?” Asked a woman next to me. I hold it out without paying attention to what she was doing. I went up on the balls of my feet to try and see what’s at the end of the tunnel.

I heard a click, and a photo, and a sharp pain arm through my arm. “Ow!”

“Hold still.” She is holding something in her hand. It looks like one of those scanners from the grocery stores. Only the scanner had a claw hand and it was holding the blue thing that was in my arm. She holds down a button on the machine and it drops the blue thing into the trash can next to her. She rushes to put the bandage on my arm and says, “Next.”

“Ow,” I whisper to myself.

When we get outside, the sun hits me fast and I squint. Goosebumps appear on my skin, and a shiver rolls down my spine from change of cold to hot. When I open my eyes the most beautiful wildlife enters my vision. “Welcome to Zivotot City! The capital of Zemjata! Here is where all the Life elements flourish. Zivotot means Life in the language we speak. Like all places on Zemjata the element is in the name. Like the  because they live in the hot/dry desert. Voda Waters is where the Water elements live in water. Voda Waters includes areas of fresh and salt waters. The Air elements just hang around up there,” says the tour guide pointing to the sky.  “And the Rok Mountain Range is where the Earth elements… do what they do.” When the guide talked about Rok Mountain Range he said it in a way you would talk about a cockroach. “Your parents should be waiting for you around here somewhere. Have fun on the tour!”

Instant panic shot through me. My eyes widened, the hairs on my neck and legs and arms shot straight up, sweat started to form at my brow. When the crowd parted, I saw my father arms down and chin up. His eyes moving in from side to side frequently with the glare of a hawk. Finally, he found me and the look melted away. “Cameron!” He runs toward me with arms wide, a mad men’s grin on his face, skin slightly tanned and freckled from the sun. Suddenly those arms embrace me. My arms are pinned to my side as I am hugged. “Oh, Cam. I am so happy I don’t have to see  that wretched woman!” He holds me at arms length. My eyebrows are drawn in confusion. Why is he doing this? Is this some horrible joke? “Sorry I shouldn’t be talking about your mother that way.”

I try a small smile as a snort escapes my mouth.

“Loosen up Cam! It’s okay, I’m not the bad, ‘I’m disappointed in you’ guy anymore! You can chillax! That was all your mom, you can’t blame her though. She is a Fire element.”

“Wait, where’s mom and Emily?”

“At .”


“Cause they’re Ogan.” Huh?

“I know that Emily is Ogan but what about mom? How is she Ogan? If she is Ogan and you are Zivotot, shouldn’t that make Emily and I have both powers…?”

“I’m just gonna be straight with you,” he finally put on that serious face. “Your mom… isn’t your mom.”

“What.” My head is spinning.

“People from other elements aren’t allowed to have kids together. Your mother was some other undercover Zemainien I met seventeen years ago. Your mom, well, Barbra and I met a year after you were born when that other lady broke up with me.”

“So, Barbra is not my mom. She is my step mom?”

“Actually we never legally got married so…”

“What? How did I not notice this?”

“I honestly don’t know!” He starts laughing. I just stare into nothingness with my eyebrows high on my forehead, stars dancing in my eyes. And that last one was not a metaphor. The sun was out yet the stars were out too. Each one making a beam of light. It was beautiful and blinding to look at.

“So, Emily isn’t my sister?” He nods. “And Emily is alone with mom?” He nods again, sadly. My voice makes the sound of a creaking chair as I put my face in my hands. “Emily is going to have a mental breakdown and then kill mom,” I said, my voice still breaking.

“No, she won’t. Emily is a nice girl…”

“Uh yeah, she will,” I say taking my head out of hands and then clenching my fists. “Like you said, Emily is Ogan. Emily has been held back for so long because she knew that she would not win. But now-now she has power! She has flames for hands and poops fireballs…!”

“They can’t do that-”

“Whatever! She’ll think, ‘My mom is an old control freak who looks like a rotting piece of crap. She can’t do anything to me when I have this.” I pretend to have a flame in my hand and my dad laughs.

“Cameron, she will be taught how to control herself and follow the rules. There is a law that says no one can use their element for murder. Don’t worry, she will learn.”


“No butts, no nuts, no coconuts. Now let’s go we can’t be late to the tour.”


“And here is Queen Tamika’s palace.” We stood on the porch of the Councilman’s house. There is a mixture of wows and woes coming from the crowd of newcomers, even from me. The palace was Arabian style with many golden roofs that were shaped like Hershey’s Kisses. The palace itself was white and had the entire jungle of tree houses growing around it. “Inside of the palace, lives a private quarters for the Councilman and the Councilwoman and Junior Councilman and woman. Although like me you can choose to live in the jungle,” said the Councilman. I was still admiring and observing the palace though. Looking at its many gardens and towers thinking how lovely it would be to live there. I thought to myself, maybe I could become the next Junior Councilman.

“Since the tour is now over, you may now exit with your guardians and make your way to your new homes.” The crowd starts shifting toward the elevator in the middle of the tree house. Luckily I make it into the third round of people with my dad instead of the tenth.

When we get to the bottom of the tree I ask my dad, “Which way?” He points to the left.

“I live more in the middle of the jungle, so it might take a while,” I shrug.

“Lead the way,” and he does.