My response to some unpopular opinions

Ok so basically what this article is it’s going to be about me finding unpopular opinions of the internet and saying if I agree or disagree with them.

1.”I love straws”

To be honest, I’m not really sure if this is even an unpopular opinion, but I agree I love straws! I would prefer to use a stainless steel straw though because it is better for the environment.

2.”I hate pockets in dresses”

I could not agree more with this opinion more. In my opinion, putting pockets on a dress unless its like a denim dress is straight up hideous. I know some people say that pockets make the dress more comfortable. I’m sorry to break it to you but most dresses are not supposed to be comfortable. So many dresses have been ruined by pockets that it’s actually annoying.

3.”Frozen is the worst movie the Walt Disney animation studios ever put out.”

I don’t really think that its the worst movie but its definitely not the best movie. the first time I saw the movie when I was eight I fell in love with it I thought it was super cool, but even then I would still pick another one over it.

4.” chocolate is gross and I can’t stand the smell, taste, or texture of it.”

I love chocolate so much so I have to say that I strongly disagree with this opinion. I can literally love everything chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate frappucino, everything! It’s so good and if you don’t like chocolate then we can’t be friends.

5.” pineapple belongs on pizza”

I strongly agree! I used to not like to share my opinion on this because I love pineapple on pizza and knew I would get attacked for it. Some people say that it doesn’t belong on pizza because of its a fruit. People are forgetting that a tomato is a fruit and it makes up a lot of what’s in your pizza. It also tastes amazing!

6.”boneless wings are better than traditional”

I strongly agree I love boneless wings. They are also so much easier to eat than regular wings. You might think that boneless takes out all the fun of eating regular wings. Well in my opinion fun isn’t being super messy after eating on a piece of chicken.

7.”pie is a gross and unacceptable dessert”

I hate this opinion so much and I couldn’t disagree more. Pie is absolutely delicious, there are so many different kinds that you can try. My favorite is apple pie even though I really like all the pie. Apple pie tastes the best when it’s really hot or really cold.

8.”sushi sucks”

I’m going to be completely honest, sushi is not that good. It could actually be my least favorite food. The only sushi that I really like are California rolls, all other sushi is disgusting.

9.”Girl Scout cookies are disgusting”

I love girl scout cookies they are so good, especially thin mints. How could someone not like girl scout cookies?