My Top 3 Major Anime Genres

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Hullo! Fellow anime lover over here! I have shared what my top 3 favorite animes are, what animes I’m currently watching, and my favorite anime openings! This time I shall be talking about my top 3 major anime genres. I plan to do another article stating my top 3 anime subgenres as there are so many genres of anime I can’t pick just my top 3 anime genres in general. Time to begin this list!

#3: Slice of Life

In my opinion, I feel like Slice of Life animes are boring to A LOT of people. Wikipedia defines Slice of Life as “the depiction of mundane experiences.” As you can tell, this is probably why people don’t adore the Slice of Genre like other genres. It’s too bland, boring, and uneventful. The literal opposite of the Drama genre. But I really like the Slice of Life genre for those reasons! It’s so serene, comfy, and peaceful. I’d say it’s like an escape from reality, where you can imagine how life would be if it were simple. That’s something I genuinely appreciate and wish I could have in the real world. There are sometimes where I can relate to it though! Slice of Life animes typically overlaps with the genres of romance and comedy so that spices things up a little bit. Some Slice of Life animes I have watched includes Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-San, Lucky Star, Yuru Camp, and How to Keep a Mummy.

#2: Adventure

Now another genre that’s the complete opposite of the Slice of Life genre is the Adventure genre! The greatest and best quality about Adventure animes is that they never have the limit of 12 episodes for 1 season of an anime. Most anime only have 12 episodes per season and most of the time there’s only 1 season of an anime! Adventure animes are great for binge watching for a while. Adventure animes overlap with Shounen (animes where the main character is of the male gender being ages 10-18, typically targeting boys of that the same age groups), fantasy, and action. Some Adventure animes I have watched include Fairy Tail, Digimon, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Dog Days.

#1: Romance

Okay. People that know me well know that shipping is something that I EXTREMELY enjoy. And this means that I’m a big, fat, ginormous sucker for the Romance genre. Even though I really like staying single, I just can’t help but squeal. Throughout my time in Hale, I have shipped a lot of people, an exorbitant amount in fact. I can never understand my love for love. But anyway, Romance animes always melt my heart. On YouTube, I even watch anime compilations of my favorite anime ships. I can even watch them multiple times in a row without being bothered! The Romance genre overlaps with most anime genres. It’s more noticeable in Slice of Life, Comedy, and Drama. In the other genres, it tends to be more subtle and only has slight nods at the Romance genre. Some Romance genres I have watched include Tsurezure Children, Nisekoi, Yamada-Kun and The Seven Witches, and GAMERS! I’d also like to include this “series” that I have been recently watching. It’s quite strange though. There’s one movie, another movie, and an anime series with 6 episodes, except they don’t share the same title, or even similar, at all. Due to this, I’m not quite sure what to call it. These are called I’ve Always Liked You, The Moment You Fall In Love, and Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart.

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