Should Zoos Be Banned?

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There are around five hundred zoos in the United States of America. There has been a lot of debate of zoos. Many people believe that zoos are cruel to their inhabitants, and must be banned. Others believe that zoos help animals and need to stay. In my opinion, zoos are good for both animals and humans.

Zoos help endangered animals survive. In it says, “Zoos around the world work together to preserve rare and extremely endangered species. These connections make it possible to bring a pair of these animals together to begin the mating process so that the species can continue living. If these rare animals were forced to find each other in the wild, the result could be very different.” Around 150 to 200 species of plants and animals go extinct every day. However, zoos are helping and will continue to prevent certain species from going extinct.

Zoos provide a great learning experience for children. According to, “The modern zoo plays a critical role in education children and families about the different animals with whom we share this planet. Staff from a zoo will travel to local schools to make presentations, offer special programs on the zoo grounds, and partner with community providers to extend educational opportunities to everyone.” Children could just read about animals in books, but there is only so much one could learn from a book. Seeing an animal in person could help someone better understand them. Some of these children will grow up to have jobs that involve helping animals. Learning about them earlier, will help them get a head start.

Zoos encourage people to protect animals. According to, “By bringing people and animals together, zoos educate the public and foster an appreciation of the animals. This exposure and education motivate people to protect the animals.” When people see the animals at a zoo, they would feel more motivated to help them. Not only that, but zoos also help to give people information on how to protect the animals.

Zoos get inspected to make sure they are a suitable living space for their inhabitants. According to, “Zoos in the developed world must go through an accreditation process to maintain operations. Inspections that include habitat cleanliness, humane practices, and proper care occur regularly. If a zoo is unable to meet those standards, they can potentially lose their accreditation and their animals will be transferred to a zoo that does meet them.” Since zoos need to be inspected, they’d all take good care of their animals and their habitats. All zoos that do not, will be shut down.

All zookeepers are trained to take care of the animals. According to, “Today’s zookeepers are highly trained and educated people who have specialized knowledge of the animals that are under their charge. This has reduced accidents and attacks, especially when handlers follow established policies and procedures to maintain safety.” Zookeepers know to properly care for their animals, and will know how to make sure the animal they are caring for is happy.

Zoos should not be banned.

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