The Boy Who Would Save Japan

Long ago there was a boy who was raised by the richest family in Japan. He lived the best life anyone could ask for until a war broke out in Japan. This war ruined the land and killed the boy’s parents. However, the boy still had life but not a lavish one. He was rescued by some farmers who nurtured him back to his normal state. The boy was first very upset about his parents’ death and being adopted by farmers but began to get comfortable as time went on. After he got comfortable, the head Samurai of the farming district came to check on the farms. He saw this unfamiliar boy and asked questions about him. The boy had a dream of becoming a Samurai when he was older but it was shot down by his parents. But now they were dead and didn’t get to tell him what to do so he went with the Samurai to become one himself. When he left he swore to protect the farms with his life when he could.

When the boy and the Samurai arrived at the government district where the Samurai lived and trained the boy wanted to get armor and go fight in the war. However the wise Samurai told him he needs many years of training until he can even spar. The boy asked if he could train and that he could do. So for 5 months everyday he trained to become a incredible but needed more years to perfect this craft. Over the next 7 years he trained just as hard just as the war was getting started. The young boy who now was around 17 years old finally was ready to fight in the war. He got his armor on, grabbed his weapons, and left with a smile on his face.

The thing that made this war so bad was the people who were in charge of the two sides. North and South Japan were ruled by two ruthless emperors. The boy and the Samurai were with the south due to the farming district being located there. This made the boy want to reunite Japan due to his other family members living in the north and he wanted to reconnect with them. He swore to the Samurai he would do this and then become emperor. The Samurai wasn’t very believing in this promise but tried his best to trust his protege would do just that. 

Once the boy arrived on the battlefield in the government district he started helping the soldiers already there fighting in the war. He then just went and took care of the nearby enemies himself. When the soldiers saw this they knew this guy was the real deal. He then with the soldiers went to find the emperor of the north.

When they arrived at the Northern Emperor’s palace in Tokyo they saw the humungous amount of soldiers guarding it. The boy went to the roof and the southern soldiers distracted the northern ones so he could get past them. The boy was able to get past since one of the southern soldiers started a fire near the entrance startling and scaring away the northern soldiers. When inside the boy realized it would be very hard finding the room with the emperor in it but decided to go to the top since usually emperors lived in the top or main room. When he arrived he saw the emperor sitting there staring with no one else in the room. The boy pulled his sword out and asked to speak with the emperor. The emperor being so stupid thought he was one of his own accepted happily. However, when the boy started speaking he was angry and demanded the emperor to surrender. The Emperor denied and pulled out his sword. The two starred at each other and went to battle until the emperor, who was very old, sat down and surrendered. This however didn’t stop the boy from killing the northern Emperor. This brought an end to the war of Japan and brought peace and unity to the country for years to come.